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27/02/2023 Bram Vanhouten
Fast delivery and products were good
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Excellent!!! Good prices, good service! Many thanks from Cyprus!!!
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Best prices and quick delivery.
05/02/2023 Jaroslav Halas
A well-designed e-shop with a wide range of products. I bought Ashwagandha, UC II Collagen and other supplements. I perceive the functionality of...
It'is ok, buena disolución
14/01/2023 Rytis
An excellent offer of goods, the price-quality ratio is simply unbelievable. There could be free delivery to all EU countries
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great company! always great products and great service. never a problem so far.
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The products were very well packed and protected , the delivery was on time
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I love HSN. They're awesome. Top tier with everything they provide, but they have removed many of the products I love so I need to look elsewhere for...

Online Sports Nutrition, Natural Dietetics and Accessories Shop

Are you an athlete and know that the best version of yourself is still to come? Get ready, because you’re going to be one of the thousands of HSN clients. See how the distance between you and your targets is shortened.

We are the leading online shop for Sports Nutrition and Natural Dietetics. For us, you are the centre of everything. At HSN you'll find a team you can identify with, because our effort to cross the thin line between the outstanding and the extraordinary knows no limits.

Who are we and how can we help you?

Driven by the experience of more than a decade at your service, characterised by the constant search for excellence, we present you with the best selection of sports nutrition and healthy food products on the market, no matter what your sports discipline or objective.

We can only invite you to check out the incredible properties of all our products: efficacy, taste and texture of our protein formulas (with Whey Protein at the top), creatines, high level amino acids (such as BCAAs), organic products… And everything that has to do with our concern for your health!

What's our aim? To take the HSN brand to the top, to offer you the widest range of Sports Nutrition and Natural Dietetics, and, last but not least, to give you the best prices.

At HSN we design, create and select the best supplements and natural foods with which you can achieve your sports goals and help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Join HSN for a legendary partnership in the fitness-food sector!

In-house development and manufacture

Since our beginnings in 2008, your support and our tireless work has led to the creation of our own product brands, under the name HSN.

Do you know what is the basis of all our products? Easy: they are manufactured in our own facilities under the best control conditions and with the quality of the best raw materials and ingredients.

In this selection we highlight our top creations, those that combine a wide range of references of unbeatable sports supplements that are going to become the cornerstone of your physical performance:

  • SportSeries: Selection of products with exceptional formulations that come from the hand of the best specialists and with the support of scientific studies, made with the most elite raw materials on the market.
  • EssentialSeries: For people who have made a healthy existence their philosophy of life. It includes nutritional supplements that will allow you to maintain an optimal state of health in line with your convictions.
  • RawSeries: Reflecting our practicality, it consists of products that are ‘simple', mostly single-ingredient, with which you can make your own combinations, according to your goals.
  • FlavourSeries: Do you want to add a personal or different flavour to your protein or sports drinks every day? Choose from the wide range of flavours in the FlavourSeries range and add them to your Raw or neutral products (protein, vegetable protein or sports drinks and amino acids) to give a different flavour to your supplements. Add flavour to your own blends!
  • FoodSeries: Designed to compile a wide range of healthy foods – the high quality of its raw materials is combined with incredible flavours, in an unbeatable fusion.
  • BioSeries: Organic products and foods, especially for those with a strong preference for natural and ecological supplements.
  • KetoSeries: The revolution in the Keto food market. Athletes, students, people who follow ketogenic diets... This line is for you. Exclusive HSN formulas: low-carb, with specific compounds never before seen on the European market.
  • HSNaccessories: Not only do we manufacture supplements to help you get the best out of your performance, but we also offer you the best accessories (shakers, bottles, textiles, etc). Dare to take us everywhere!
  • HSNpacks: Are you looking for a specific objective and do you want to get the results? Take a look at our complete product packages for sports, goals and objectives. In addition, take advantage of the special discounts on these packages.

Do you still want more? Add to that the world's top sports nutrition brands!

One of them is Now Foods, the leading brand in dietary supplements for the well-being and good health of everyone.

Another recognised brand that you will find in our HSN online shop is Swanson, a manufacturer that is committed to the codes of variety, quality and good manufacturing practices.

And what's the price? An unbeatable one! Or haven't we told you yet that we love to welcome our new customers with a discount coupon that will help you buy amino-acids, proteins or any other natural product you have in mind?

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When can you have your purchase at home? You’re in luck, because with our fast shipping you can try all the products you buy online within 3-5 working days!

A New Era in Sports Nutrition

Have you checked out extensive HSN product catalogue yet? Watch out!

Our protein shakes such as Evowhey Protein are a sensation (Whey Milk Protein), although Evobeef (Hydrolysed Meat Protein) or the great alternative Soy Vegetable Protein, are our other top-sellers. They are closely followed by fat burners and thermogenics for losing weight with or without stimulants, with their most prominent exponents Evoburn, natural caffeine in capsules, guarana extract or the "celebrity" of the gym, carnitine, not far behind them.

Are you looking to supplement your vegan or vegetarian diet? We've got you covered. At HSN, we are unrivalled. Everything is perfectly arranged so that with a single click you can order 24/7 the best dietary supplements for looking after your joints, lowering cholesterol, getting a good night's sleep or enhancing your sex life thanks to increased testosterone or libido.

It is not for nothing that we have been saying it for a long time: We are Nutrition!

Are you thinking green? So are we! We already have another common ground. As strong advocates of sustainable nutrition in harmony with the protection of natural resources, we strive for animal welfare. In this line, some of our products speak for themselves, such as the whey protein of grass-fed cows or protein from free-range eggs. BioSeries is the living image of the respect for the environment that we wish to transmit.

Complete your purchase with the best accessories

Being leaders in Sports Nutrition and Natural Dietetics means we have the best products online. Join the trend of pre-trainers like Arginine or Beta-Alanine, energy gels, protein bars like Evobars, recoverers with electrolytes and amino-acids. And perhaps vitamins and minerals in vegetable capsules are just the thing for you, - to recover energy, vitality and strength after a hard training.

And don't forget that a perfect diet and supplementation requires the availability of gluten-fee and lactose-free products. Are you passionate about big brands? Then bet on Vitaminalia or EssentialSeries and many others in which there is no shortage of omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium or collagen, supplements that meet all your nutritional requirements.

But keep in mind that to achieve your goals you will need not only the best natural diet or the best supplements, but also the best sports accessories, sports bottles and shakers for your protein shakes to customise your sports outfit.

Do you close your eyes and only see supplements? Take a look! Maybe you're lacking vitamin D or have a vitamin B12 deficiency and need to buy multivitamins to supply it. No problem, because at we have the most extensive catalogue for purchasing vitamins at the best price. Choose from easy to swallow capsules, powder or liquid formats and get your spirits up!

We want to help you with all your questions about Sports Nutrition and Supplementation

At HSN, we are aware that trust is the key to a good shop-user relationship. For that reason, beyond offering you high quality products at the best price, we want to provide you with free and objective information to help you to find the right choice for your goal.

And check out our HSN Blog for articles on training articles about training, physical activity and an endless amount of food supplements with detailed descriptions of each of the principal natural ingredients that you'll find in our products.

One last note: part of this confidence is based on being able to consult the quality guarantee of our products. And if you still want to find out more about us, feel free to browse through our online shop!

Let's go! And don't forget, HSN is nutrition!

We are Nutrition!