Improve my Mood

Improve my Mood Pack

Are you looking to improve your mood, be more optimistic and increase your motivation? We have what you need!

Purpose of the Pack

The "Improve my Mood" Packs are meant as a support to increase the persons feeling of well-being, who is experiencing some type of emotional difficulties.

The products that have been selected for these packs have one goal: to reduce depressive symptoms. In this sense, they will work by providing totally natural mechanisms that affect our state of mind and the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone and it will condition our daily behavior and character. Its secretion can be drastically inhibited if we suffer from stressful situations or even if our rest and sleep is not adequate.

Among the products that may be found in the packs, we can highlight the presence of GABA, which is Aminobutyric Acid, a type of neurotransmitter that encourages the sensation of relaxation, reducing stress and even anxiety.

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