Social Responsability

We are an online company that sells throughout Europe and research, development, and quality are our philosophy. These values also include our commitment to society, which is why we carry out a series of sustainability and social responsibility actions.

We currently divide our social responsibility blocks into two:

Social Actions
Caring for the Environment

Caring for the environment

As manufacturers and logistics managers we are committed to the environment, striving for constant improvement in manufacturing processes, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact that we can generate.

Caring for the environment

As manufacturers and logistics managers we are committed to the environment, striving for constant improvement in manufacturing processes, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact that we can generate.

Our Commitment (Corporate Social Responsability)



We believe in sustainability and we ensure that our production processes have as little impact on the environment as possible, reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

In keeping with this commitment, we are Verpackungsrecycling: Duales System Interserch certified:

  • External control audits
  • Registration with the central packaging registration agency

Through this certification, HSN contributes to:

  • Recycling and reuse of our packaging and transport material.
  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Control of waste management.

However, our commitment to the environment never stops, so we are continuously working to obtain new certifications that support the commitment, honesty and transparency that guide all our processes.

To this end, we have already carried out actions in this direction and more are planned:






Biodegradable Materials

We have replaced the packaging of some of our products, opting for packaging made from 50% recycled plastic.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and the environment, we continue to work on the reduction of plastic in the packaging of our products, always taking into account the need for the conservation of all our food products.

Committed to responsible consumption

As part of our commitment to the environment, we have reduced the use of plastic in our powder bags. Now our customers can choose whether or not their product includes a measuring scoop.

Before closing your purchase, choose format, flavor and if you need a measuring scoop!

We are working to become more sustainable. We are committed to reducing our negative environmental impact.

How will you receive your measuring scoop in your order?

Now the measuring scoops for HSN powder products, if you need them, will not be found inside the product.

As part of our commitment to responsible consumption, you will receive your dispenser in a bag made from up to 50% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic. With this we aim to reduce the consumption of plastic that our customers don't need.

Join our commitment!

Tight package sizes

  • We work on adjusting all sizes of packaging, with the aim of reducing unnecessary material.

Consumption- and product-appropriate packaging can reduce transport costs and carbon emissions.

In addition, fewer raw materials are consumed in its manufacture, reusing and recycling of all components of the system.


As manufacturers, recycling is part of our commitment to the environment.

All the containers used in our plant are subsequently recycled, in addition to working in this way in our offices and logistics center.

At HSN, by controlling the entire product development and production chain, we ensure the recycling of all packaging left over from the process.

With a large reduction of CO2 emissions

What can such a reduction amount to?

We can equate it to driving 730 times around the world.

We control the process, we avoid intermediaries, and thus unnecessary transport.

HSN products once developed and manufactured in our own facilities, have only one way, one single address: our customer.

BioSeries Line

The BioSeries line, on which our R&D&I team is working to develop new products in the medium term, offers a 100% natural range, with ingredients sourced from organic farming.

In addition, we are working on new packaging where we will reduce the use of plastic to a minimum, prioritizing the use of recycled and biodegradable materials.

Why is most of our packaging made of plastic?

As a manufacturer of food, as well as capsule and powdered supplements, our first commitment to our customers is that all products arrive in the best possible condition, so packaging is a fundamental element, with a key role being played by the recommended consumption and expiry date.

In most cases, plastic fulfills the requirement to optimize our packaging so that it is as safe as possible and helps to extend the shelf life of our food. It should also be borne in mind that our products go directly to the end consumer, so they can be recycled.

Plastic is only considered a hazardous material when it enters the environment directly. Despite all of the above, at HSN we are working to use packaging made from recycled and biodegradable materials in the medium term, depending on the product line that allows it for safety reasons. In this sense, we have adjusted all the sizes of our packaging to reduce unnecessary material.

Solidarity Work

Cruz Roja
Fundación Ademo
Banco de Alimentos

Cruz Roja & HSN

The Red Cross focuses its efforts on protecting children and their families in social difficulties, thus ensuring the fulfillment of their fundamental rights and attending to those specific needs that emerge and which, to a certain extent, are not fully covered by the public administrations.

HSN is a partner company of the Red Cross, with which it collaborates on a monthly basis on different projects.

This alliance is a call to action to all HSN customers to provide the most supportive and committed 'supplement', aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and favorable to children.

HSN's social work with the Red Cross was created to respond to thousands of children who make up the Red Cross School Success program, guaranteeing them a healthy diet.

Among the main actions of the Red Cross for children are educational support, provision of breakfasts and snacks, leisure and free-time activities, and prevention and awareness workshops.

Main Actions

Acompañamiento educativo
Entrega de desayunos y meriendas
Actividad de ocio y tiempo libre
Talleres de sensibilización

Food Bank & HSN

Since 2019 we have been collaborating with the campaign La Gran Recogida de Alimentos (The Great Food Collection), which is carried out annually by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).

As part of our social commitment, we donate the food that makes up our online catalog, showing our support for Banco de Alimentos, which seeks the welfare of the most disadvantaged people and/or those at risk of social exclusion.

Raíles Foundation & HSN

We also aim to bring sport and healthy living to everyone, which is why we collaborate with the Raíles Foundation, which seeks to promote the rights and well-being of people with disabilities in different areas of society.

Since 2019 HSN has been dressing all the players of the Raíles Foundation's basketball team (formerly known as ADEMO), as well as providing them with sports equipment for their training sessions and matches.

Sport is a fundamental tool to give people with intellectual disabilities a better future, trying to improve social relations and integration among them.

From HSN we support the work carried out in the search for the improvement in the quality of life, as well as the inclusion of people as full citizens in a fair and supportive society.