HSN Quality Warranty

HSN = Highest quality standard

As we are going to explain now, we want to emphasize that there are many individual factors that ensure the quality of our products. At HSN, we only accept the highest quality standards since we want you to feel safe about what you are consuming.

1. Quality and effectiveness of the product

Safety and quality play a decisive role when it comes to choosing food supplements. We can guarantee the highest quality standard because the ingredients from our HSN and Vitaminalia lines have been carefully tested in terms of purity and quality. We are constantly working on new products for our brands, which is the reason why the HSN range grows every day. Each time, it is harder to distinguish high quality products from those that are of a lower quality or which are not even useful at all. That is why we continue to do research and work hard in HSN so that we can only offer the best products.

Productos Marca HSN

The media usually tend to report one-sided and negative information about dietary and food supplements. This can lead to the false belief that all manufacturers and suppliers of dietary products and food supplements do not value things like quality, safety and purity. This is why our HSN expert team is constantly working to teach and explain what truly matters when it comes to choosing the appropriate supplements with the best quality. This is why our main purpose is to ALWAYS offer quality supplementation.

2. The best raw ingredients

One of our most important premises is to always use raw ingredients (ingredients) of the highest quality. To achieve this, we perform an exhaustive control of the sellers and we even audit them to check their "Good Practices".

All the ingredients that are used in our products are carefully selected and always analyzed to ensure their quality using the latest technology. We always request a double control performed by an external laboratory. All our ingredients come with an analysis certification, which reflects the content of their active ingredients, their exact composition, the purity of the raw ingredient, the absence of contaminants and their sterility.

All and every single one of the raw ingredients that we use come from the best producers in the world. Each one of them brings a different speciality: protein concentrates from Europe, New Zeland, creatine from Germany, amino acids and glutamine from Japan and Korea, CLA from the Netherlands, carnitine and vitamins from Switzerland, omega 3 fatty acids from Norway and krill oil from the Antarctica, herbal extracts from every corner of the world... This is the only way of ensuring the high quality of the products. We would like to emphasise once again that every ingredient that is used in our products is previously analysed in order to make sure that everything is 100% correct, so that it ends up meeting all the quality standards.

Omega 3 fish oil is as well known as it is healthy. In this case, the EPA and DHA fatty acids are the key ingredients. Therefore, It is necessary to write their exact quantity on the product label. Otherwise, it will mean that it is a non-normalized fish oil with very low EPA and DHA levels, which could be the case for a product that does not provide any benefit for our health.

Apart from what we have said about Omega 3, it is also very important to remove the contaminants properly, since fish tends to accumulate heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in their fat. This is the only way of offering a pure and healthy product. The correct elimination of these substances requires quite a long time, but the product must be healthy and contaminant-free. The use of high quality raw ingredients makes the difference between a "valuable" product and another one with a lower quality that barely has any benefits.

Herbal products tend to cause a lot of confusion and most people don't know how to distinguish a good product from an average or bad one (without any beneficial property for the organism). For example, the Ashwagandha powder has nothing to do with its extract... The former is nothing more than dry ashwagandha in powder while the latter is involved in an extraction process that results in a much more concentrated product. At the same time, there are several types and qualities within the "extract" group, it is not the same to use an 8:1 Ashwagandha extract food 8:1 Ashwagandha extract Standardized for 8% Withanolides. In this case, the "withanolides" are the nutrient/substance that is responsible for the effectiveness of the product. When a product does not specify if it is an extract or not, then, they are not selling the plant or the part of the plant that is dry and in powder. When it is an extract but it does not specify the standardization, it is a NON standardized/normalized extract that normally lacks functional effectiveness. It is important to know this when it comes to purchasing nutritional supplements.

3. Effective formula

Nutritional and dietary supplements can only provide all their benefits if their ingredients are present in effective and adequate amounts, but especially in combinations that create a synergy between their components.

This synergy improves and enhances the effects of the product. This is why we carefully develop the formula and dose of our products, following the latest scientific research and the discoveries of nutritional science and medicine.

This is how we manage to offer innovative products that perform precise action and specific objectives. For example, compare our "Evovits" multivitamin and mineral complex with other products available on the market. You will be able to see how our product provides a wider range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, apart from being enriched with valuable antioxidants and vegetable bioactive compounds.

4. Controlled and certified manufacturing

There are highly qualified nutritionists, pharmaceutics, chemists, graduates in sciences of physical activity and sport and food technologists working to develop and produce our HSN and Vitaminalia product lines. The manufacturing of all our products is subject to the quality guidelines that are listed now. The analyses and regular controls guarantee the highest quality and purity of the raw ingredients and final products.

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The products that we offer are mostly produced in our factory, which was opened on January 2018, tested and certified according to the highest European quality standards and strict hygiene guidelines. This is done in order to ensure absolute purity and sterility, all the machines are carefully cleaned before each production cycle. Several regular quality and weight controls are performed during production and accurately recorded. These controls are also performed on the finished product before its "release".

In the case of liquid products, creams or products that are not dry, we visit factories that follow the same quality standards that we follow and which are going to be developed now. We make sure by auditing said suppliers, our team visits their factories and makes sure that everything is done to guarantee a high quality product. In this way, our customers can be certain that they are getting what they need.

Our factory works following these guidelines and quality standards:

IFS Food certification: First Nutrition and Nutraceuticals brand with its own IFS Food certified production

The International Featured Standards (IFS) are the most demanding international standards applied to manufacturers of food products and services. It ensures consumer comparability, safety and advocacy, as well as transparency throughout the supply chain. In this sense, after achieving the certificate for the first time in 2021, in 2022 our factory renewed the IFS Food certificate at a high assessment level, reaching a score of 95.55%.


Year 2022: View original certification


IFS Food certification is the most demanding food safety standard, audited by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), for companies that manufacture food or companies that package food products in bulk.


It guarantees the safety and food quality requirements of the manufactured products.

Quality 2

It guarantees the effective management of food safety and food defence compliance.    

Quality 3

Validation of the quality of raw materials used in the 7 HSN product lines.    

HSN opened its production plant in 2018 with pharmaceutical facilities, which are not required for food manufacturing. Its commitment to quality and safety throughout the manufacturing process of its products, from the control of suppliers and raw materials to the finished product, has been its great commitment. After years of work, it has obtained the IFS Food certificate that certifies these protocols.

The quality of the products of the 7 HSN lines is not only certified by their labelling, but also their manufacturing process in the factory, the choice and control of suppliers and raw materials until the final process, thanks to the most demanding international production certification.

No. IFS Food is an international organisation, audited by GFSI. It guarantees the legislative requirements applicable to the products in the destination countries. In this way, HSN takes an important step in its clear objective of being the national and international reference in terms of guarantees of good practices in the production of healthy food.

The HSN factory renewed the IFS Food certificate in 2022 with a Higher level rating, the highest possible rating, after achieving a score of 95.55% in the quality standards set by the IFS.

The scope of the HSN factory, assessed by the IFS standards, corresponds to the field of mixing food supplements and food formulas, in powder form, and packaging in plastic bags. Encapsulation or compression of food supplements, packaged in plastic bottles. And the packaging of food supplements, in a soft gel format, in plastic bottles.

We achieved excellence by obtaining the highest score (Higher Level) of IFS Food V7. HSN is not only the first brand in Spain in the sector, with its own factory, certified in IFS, but also with the highest level.

In addition to all this, our plant produces a wide variety of different products. We currently have 7 lines, from sports nutrition, nutraceuticals, health food, health, and wellness, with more than 2,500 products.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Our factory is already GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, a quality guideline that controls all work processes, from the validation of suppliers and incoming raw materials, as well as the control of all intermediate processes and critical points, to the comprehensive review of the finished product. All this to avoid faults, contamination and to ensure the hygiene of production. Every step of the process is carefully documented.


View original certificate

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

Our factory is already certified as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Point Control System) by Bureau Veritas Certification, so the manufacturing process is carried out only by highly qualified and experienced personnel working in accordance with the hygiene standards of the HACCP concept, recognized worldwide. The production rooms are ALL white rooms that are also called "Clean Rooms", where we manufacture nutritional supplements under very strict manufacturing, quality, standards and pharmaceutical grade demands. This control process goes from the reception of the raw ingredient until the final product is delivered, and it is registered with a lot of detail, which guarantees the highest safety and quality of the product. Meeting these quality standards means that you will only get 100% first-class products.

View original certificate

GWP: Good Weighing Practices

All our weighing systems are certified by independent entities, which guarantees that each ingredient comes in its correct amount for each product. At the same time, we perform statistical quality controls that are carried out during the process and which automatically register data in our manufacturing system, associating each data with the specific product batch on which the control has been carried out, in order to guarantee that everything is being done correctly. Everything is always documented and stored in as much detail as possible.

ISO8 particles classification

This certification ensures that we remove and filter the air of our entire factory at least 15 times per hour, so that we work in a controlled and clean environment all the time. With this certification, the particle traffic and the pressure of the rooms are appropriate in order to avoid cross contamination.

Controlled Humidity all the time

We only work with dry products in our factory, which is why keeping the humidity under control is a determining factor during the entire manufacturing process. This is done in order to make sure that the product will last its entire shelf life in perfect conditions, ensuring that its composition and activity are not damaged. This is crucial for products that contain hygroscopic ingredients, because if they are not packaged in optimal humidity conditions they will deteriorate before reaching their expiration date. For example, we will mention the pre-workout supplements that mostly contain betaine hcl, citrulline malate, acetyl l-carnitine... since sometimes they become a block of stone even if they have not been opened a few months after being packed, because they have not been manufactured in optimal conditions. However, we ensure that this will not happen with our products!

Strict and exhaustive control of what has been described in point 4

We have a computer system that stores all the information that has been described automatically. If there is a problem with any of our batches, we can consult it and review all the information about it: from the traceability of each and every one of its ingredients to the conditions regarding the pressure, humidity, temperature, etc. when it was manufactured.

Verpackungsrecycling: Dual System Interseroh

In compliance with the new German packaging law (VerpackG), HSN has been certified by Interseroh as a distributor whose waste products are subject to external control audits and is registered with the Central Registration Agency for Packaging.


HSN maintains its commitment to the environment through Dual System Interseroh certification, contributing to:

  • The recycling and reuse of its packaging and transport material.
  • Reducing the production of greenhouse gases.
  • The control of waste management.

Because now, more than ever, we have to work together for a better and more sustainable world.

Soon we will undergo inspections to obtain new certifications (also related to quality and safety). Our goal is to guarantee the highest purity and quality of every single product manufactured in our factories, according to the processes that guarantee these quality certifications.

On the other hand, we would like to clarify that many points of the various certifications (almost all of them) follow the same concepts and the fact of aiming to obtain the different certifications (FSSC 22000, IFS and/or BRC), in addition to those we already have (GMP and HACCP), is for the simple fact of supporting even more, if possible, our quality standard.

Partners of Afepadi

At HSN we are always committed to defending the interests of consumers, as well as maximum transparency in terms of product quality and safety.

That is why in 2022 we became Partners of Afepadi, (Business Association of Food Supplements and Dietetic Products in Spain), whose main objective since 1943 has been "to provide a framework for the defence of the common interests of the food supplement and dietary product industries and for the promotion of their products".

Afepedi Associates

5. Optimal dose format

For most nutritional supplements, which must be dosed with precision, the capsule is, in our view, the optimal way to take them. In this way, we can also avoid the usual unpleasant taste of taking the ingredients individually. In most cases, the capsules (except for specific decisions) dissolve completely and quickly in the stomach (within a few minutes). This ensures an optimal absorption of the nutrients. In most of our capsule products we use the best vegetable capsules that are currently available called "Vcaps +" which are mostly transparent in order to achieve our transparency goal and also to avoid unwanted additives that most colored capsules have, which are completely absent in the transparent ones. In those products in which we do not use vegetable capsules we use capsules manufactured with guaranteed Bovine Gelatin without BSE.

You can also find products in tablets in our product lines, these usually have more detractors because the amount of additives that are used in them is higher. However, at HSN we work to make these additives as natural as possible and we use starches from different sources such as corn and tapioca as binding agents.

Finally we also have to mention that we have a wide range of powder products packed either in sticks, small sachets of up to 50g, cans or doypacks. We have several types of powder products available:

  • Very specific formulas which have been carefully developed by our team of expert nutritionists together with prestigious trainers, focused on improving the sport performance and recovery.
  • Specific formulas designed to take care of your health. They are carefully developed by our biochemists, food technologists, nutritionists, chemists, etc.
  • Products made with isolated Premium ingredients such as our RawSeries line, where you will find a lot of ingredients that you can purchase independently in order to make your own combinations. This option is normally used by expert users who are looking for very specific combinations and functionalities.

6. Transparency and Clarity above all, showing the complete list of ingredients and active substances

We like to make things simple in HSN by giving the utmost importance to sincerity and transparency in everything we do. As an example: We detail the % of protein contained in each of the protein sources of a product in the protein category. An example would be comparing our Evoexcel 2.0 with the rest of proteins in the market. This is not common practice in our sector, since most brands do not list the exact quantity for each source of protein they have mixed. We think that everyone should know exactly what they are buying and consequently taking.

On the product page from our website, you can find all the information about them, including their nutritional table with the values it provides per 100g (MIND YOU! 100gr of product, the vast majority gives this information per 100gr of protein which makes it necessary to take a calculator to know the actual amounts contained in 100gr of the product/powder that is being purchased) and the recommended daily dose. This information is real, since we analyze each one of them to make sure that you are buying what we detail in each product.

We also show the ingredients and active ingredients used in all our products on their labels in detail. This is how we make sure that there are no hidden ingredients that you may be allergic to or that you reject for personal reasons, like in the case of vegans and vegetarians. In this way, you will be fully informed to decide for yourself which of our products best suits your needs and demands. All the additives that may be present in our products are regarded as safe by the competent authorities and we always try to find the best choices for the health of our customers and to avoid those that may be more questionable.

7. Safe and without side effects

All our products are nutritional supplements and dietary products, NOT medicines. Thanks to their natural or almost natural compositions, our products will not cause harmful side effects in healthy people/general population as long as they are consumed in the recommended amounts. But if you have a disease and you are taking medication regularly, it is always advisable to consult a specialist to avoid interactions between supplements and medications.

HSN® brands supplements: the foundational support of the best quality

Do you need a good starting point? Our HSN® supplements can help you build a solid nutritional foundation with simple and clear formulas. The icons on each product label highlight the most important features, so you can easily identify what you and your body need. In addition, the manufacturing of HSN supplements, as we have mentioned before, follows the most demanding quality standards, ensuring that they reach the highest standards of POWER, PURITY, efficacy and safety. There is a lot of work and care behind each formula... and it is clearly reflected in both the web description and the labelling. To feel confident about what you are taking, choose from the wide range of HSN supplements, which are also constantly growing as we add new products every month.

If you want to know more about our work philosophy, you can visit the following link: Learn More About Us

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