HSN Refer a Friend Plan

Friend Plan
Friend Plan
Friend Plan
Friend Plan

Bring friends and earn 5€ for each of them

What do you have to do?

If you want your friends to save some money, and you too in the process, all you need to do is recommend us. For each new client that you bring to HSN, they will receive a 5€ discount in HSN Points, and you will too! To invite friends, all you need to do is log in to your account and follow this link

What do your friends have to do?

All they have to do is accept your invitation by clicking on the link that was sent by email, or by any other means which can be obtained by logging into your user account.

Then, they have to create an account in HSNstore and place an order (of at least 50€.)*

6 days after your friend´s first order, both you and your friend will receive 5€ in the form of HSN Points, to spend on future orders.

If you don´t yet have an HSNstore account but you want to invite friends… click here to sign up.

Frequently asked questions about the ’Refer a Friend’ program

Where can I find my referral code?

It´s very easy! It is in your client account, in the “Refer a Friend” section or by clicking on this

How many times can I use my friend referral code?

You can use this code with as many friends as you wish, the more the better! Just remember that you will only receive the discount with each new client. You can also check the active vouchers page on HSN.

Are all of the brands included in the first order?

Yes. You can purchase any brand available on the online store.

Are products on offer included?

Yes, you can purchase products on offer. You just need an order of 50€ or more.

*Promotion conditions

Promotion of €5 credit in HSN points (further information re. points policy) for the first purchase made by a friend.

  • The inviter will receive €5 (five euros) in the form of HSN points.
  • Each friend who is invited will receive €5 in the form of HSN points.
  • The same person cannot be invited more than once.
  • Each user may invite as many friends as he or she wishes. 
  • So that both parties (inviter and invitee) receive their HSN points, the invited friend is required to place an order of at least €50 (postage and packaging not included).
  • The HSN points thus awarded will become effective six days after placing the order that reaches the requirements.
  • Indiscriminate and multiple invitations are forbidden. HSNStore reserves the right to disregard and/or delete such applications as they may be considered fraudulent.
  • HSN points cannot be transferred or sold and will be lost in the event of account closure.
  • HSNstore reserves the right to cancel the promotion when considered appropriate or necessary, in which case, the HSN Point mechanism will continue open until the totality of the points have been used or expired.
  • When a HSNstore client invites a family member or friend, they will be who responds to any possible responsibility that derives from this invitation.
  • In the case of any change in the amount offered under the scheme to recommend or introduce friends, such changes in the sum credited will apply only to orders placed after the date of any such change(s). 
It is very important that you read our HSN Points Policy.