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What type of content can you expect in the HSN Blog?


The HSN Blog is a place created by the HSN team for all those who love sports, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We deal with many different topics in our blog, but all of them are connected to three basic concepts: nutrition, training and health. We have created several sections to gather the different topics such as nutrition, sport supplements, training routines, health and beauty, fitness recipes, etc. We try to provide impartial and objective information in each main section, always trying to solve any questions that you may have:

  • About nutrition focused on sport as well as how to follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Anything related to training, different methods, routines, disciplines, etc.
  • Content about healthy and beauty. With it, we want to help our readers to develop a clearer perspective and an objective point of view when it comes to taking care of ourselves.
  • We share all our fitness recipes that will help you stay in shape while taking care of your health.
  • Information about supplements: even if we are sport nutrition store (where you can buy proteins and everything you need to take care of yourself and reach your objectives) we try to share the most objective and impartial information possible regarding our supplements regardless if they are focused on sport or simply to take care of our precious health. We objectively talk about vitamins. For example, a lack of Vitamin D or what are the properties of Vitamin B12, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, adaptogens and a long etc.

HSN Blog Authors: our reliable source of information


In order to always provide the best information, we have a great team that writes and signs their articles published in our blog. Our authors come from different backgrounds. Some are pharmaceutics, others nutritionists, coaches, etc. and all of them have a different ways of understanding such a complex and multi-faceted topic like the one we are dealing with.

We will give a couple examples to illustrate this point:

  • Some of them firmly defend following a fullbody routine against weider routines.
  • Others defend breakfast as the main meal of the day while others think that the key lies in an intermittent fasting.
  • Other authors write about how we have to take care of our joint health both in competitions and workouts. For instance, the MSM is one of the start products in this category. Once again, some of them defend it and others, on the contrary, recommend other types of sport supplement for joint pain.
  • There are authors that support cardio on an empty stomach while others want to bust the myth, both cases are backed by studies which allow us to draw our own conclusions. (The best way to reach a conclusion is through our own experience, because it may work wonderfully for some, while others will only be wasting their time)
  • Even within our internal team there are professionals that take different stances. Nevertheless, in HSNstore we believe that diversity is important and as long as each point of view is backed up and justified, it deserves a place in our blog.

We want you to join us!


We want to be a referent, a starting point of debate and information for anyone that cares about nutrition, sports and health.

If there is any specific topic that you would like to see in our blog, you can send your suggestions to and we will do our best to attend to your query or help you as soon as possible.

Have a nice reading!

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