Legislation and Quality

Legislation and Quality

Articles with information regarding the Legislation and Quality and topics related to our products and current news

Legislaton and quality

Legislation and Quality

Our objective is to protect our customers, as well as to guarantee that they will pick the healthiest choice among the different products that we sell. In this section, we will keep you posted with the national and European legislation and quality.

In this section, you will have all the information related to food safety. In this way, you will be able to evaluate the foods you eat and stay posted about the most recent norms.


Up-to-date Information

We are devoted to stay up-to-date and change the demands according to the current legislation.

We are always interested in keeping our customers informed about the most important legislation issues, since our products do not just have the best quality, but they also meet the quality and legislation norms.

Nutrition facts

In our blog, you will be able to learn how to read the nutritional labels properly

Sanitary Warnings

We will be the first ones to inform you about any kind of warning.

Like we did with certain supplements or the labelling sanitary legislation.

Protein Analysis

We have left a special section to clarify the analysis of our proteins and other products, which are currently available in our website.

We want to offer as much transparency and detailed information to the final customers

Analysis by an external laboratory

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