José Miguel Olivencia

José Miguel Olivencia

Sport, Communication and Passion. He tries to share his passion with all his readers

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He follows and practices sport and he brings it to the field of communication, which is something he has been passionate about since he was a child.

One of its favorite sports is cycling. He mainly practices the highway mode, even though he does so at an amateur level.

He combines his main job as a Web Content Creator in HSN and the HSN Blog with several collaborations in the written press, such as the Sports section in Granada Hoy.


He has always been connected to sport, he was an intern at the Real Madrid FC Communication Department, as well as a member of the Granada Basketball Club Communication Department and Press in the ACB League.

He experiences sport with passion and rigor, which are aspects that he lives by.

  • Degree in Journalism at the University of Malaga.
  • Master in Communication and Sport Journalism at the European University of Madrid.

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