Home Workouts

Home Workouts

Here you have a Home Workouts: a routine designed so that you will not stop moving! Using your body weight only.


While we are quarantined, we cannot go out and free transit has been restricted. Of course, all gyms are closed and many people have asked themselves the exact same question:

“How to I keep on training if I have no weights or materials at home?”

Do not worry, I am here to help. Do you want to know how? Then, do not miss any detail!

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Without material, but with enthusiasm

This has also taken me by surprise, just like everyone else.

Personally, I have been training at gyms for more than 5 years and I could have never imagined that I would find myself in this situation. In fact, I do not have any fitness material in my current residence.

Like many others who are now in the same situation, I have also thought:

“What now? An indefinite break?”…

Because I am not very active in my flat due to all the chores…

But if 4 years of studying Science of the Physical Activity and Sport has taught me something, is that: you actually do not need specific material to do effective workouts.


Training without material.

So, during the following weeks as long as this situation lasts, I will leave home workouts that you can do with everyday stuff.

A few tips

Control what you eat

Before the situation we are living in the supermarkets, where people are sweeping the shelves… We may feel tempted to buy ultra-processed products that will shoot up our calorie intake.

Healthy snacks

Specially due to the unhealthy sugar and fat supply for our diet.

We have made a list with a few tips so that you will be able to adapt your diet and supplementation in this situation here!

Stay as active as possible

I know that walking 10 000 steps a day like I said in this post is going to be difficult if we cannot go out.

Do the chores: clean, sweep, wash the dishes, etc. Take advantage to spend some time with your children, since they will probably be bored too. Maybe you have a piece of furniture that you still have not assembled?

Climbing stairs

There are things to do, so try to walk 500 steps a day at least…

It is time! Netflix is good but there is time to do other things too.

Do exercise, even a little will help

A lot of people think: “If I cannot go to the gym, will it be useful to train with my own body weight?”

We need to understand that the myocytes (muscle tissue cells) and the musculoskeletal structure does not care if you are using a bar, a dumbbell or your own weight.


Only then, we will understand mechanical tension.

Not long ago, Iván Sotelo wrote an article about landmarks. If you use the MV with high intensity sets you will be able to perfectly preserve your muscle mass, it does not matter if you can or cannot do heavy squats.

In fact, this happens in the studies that subject patients with immobile limbs due to an injury to neuromuscular electrostimulation. This strategy reduces the loss of muscle mass in extreme cases, since it is capable of producing mechanotransduction in the muscle tissue.

Split Squats

That is, there are no excuses, let’s get to it!

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