Home Workout with 2 dumbbells: first month (I)

Home Workout with 2 dumbbells: first month (I)

Every day, there are more people who want to start training with weight, but they find many obstacles to do so. Some lack time to go to the gym, others cannot afford it or lack the resources, others simply do not know how to start or what they have to do.

From HSNstore, we want to help you start training and stay fit, so we are going to upload a training monthly (for six months) so that you will be able to dive into this exciting world. You will just need two dumbbells to do a home workout, so that you will be free to do it whenever you want and for free.

This series will last for 6 months and we will go step by step, starting with the basic exercises, advancing to multi-sets, and finishing with more demanding and intense routines. We want you to have zero excuses to start training, so let us know if you have any doubt in the comments below and we will try to help you as best as we can.

First month routine

Home Workout with Dumbbells

Exercise Guideline

– Squats with dumbbell between legsSquats exercise

– Bench press on a benchBench press exercise

– Dumbbell rowDumbbell row exercise

– Military pressMilitary press exercise

– Romanian deadliftRomanian deadlift exercise

– Chest openings on a benchChest opening exercises

– Single hand rowSingle hand row

– Lateral raisesLateral raises

– Bench dipsBench dips exercise

– Bulgarian split squatsBulgarian split squats exercise

– Push ups on the groundPush ups exercise

– Deadlift
Deadlift exercise
* The picture shows a bar but you have to do it with dumbbells.

– Lateral lunges
Lateral lunges exercise
* Keep the arms down all the time. The picture is showing the man doing a biceps curl that you do not have to do.

– Heel raisesHeel raise exercise

Routine guidelines

You should try to purchase dumbbells with removable weights, there are very affordable sets with two dumbbells and around 20kg of weights. These are perfect to start off and they will allow you to do all the exercises of this routine.

Moreover, as you improve, you can buy extra weights to make the routine much more intense. Do not forget that you have to do the training with a lot of intensity, with a weight that will allow you to do the sets but with some difficulty.

When we indicate that you have to train until failure it means that you have to do as many reps as you can in the set. Keep going until you cannot do a single rep more. Rest between 2 and 3 minutes between each exercise and make sure that you are using the best technique.

Second and Third Month
Home Workout with Dumbbells Review

Exercises - 100%

Illustrations - 100%

Exercise definition - 98%

Guidelines - 100%


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