CrossFit is the on-trend sport of choice, but there’s more to it than simply fashion! In our category, we want to show you what it really is, how it’s practiced, its benefits, and its competitions. Don’t miss out! 


Have you ever tried it? Well, you should.

What is CrossFit?

It’s a sport based on functional exercises or training performed at a high intensity.

Its principal characteristic is that there are no set routines, meaning your CrossFit training will be completely different every day.

You don’t have any more excuses!

Afraid of not being prepared for it?

CrossFit is a sport that adapts to all levels and is aimed at all types of people.

Plus, it’ll get you hooked! 

How to practice CrossFit?

It is not a closed or unique sport, rather it has the characteristic of allowing you to practice a variety of different disciplines, such as:

Crossfit training

  • Weight-lifting.
  • Athletics.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Plus more.
And the sport will also train your different capacities: strength, resistance, flexibility, power, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, etc.

When and from where did CrossFit come about?

The creator of the CrossFit concept is Glen Glassman, who started the movement in the 70s.

Glassman had worked with various athletes, but saw that the weight-lifting training routines weren’t delivering the expected results despite high dedication to the training.

So he worked on his own programme based on high-intensity functional training.

It wasn’t until 1995 that he opened his first training centre in California, focussed on training the North American police, marines, fire fighters and military.

Today the movement is considered a sport, and has expanded all over the world.

Crossfit competitions

Do you know what a Box is? Of course! And that you’ll have one very close to home or workplace.

Have you heard anyone speaking about a WOD? It’s nothing more that the training you’ll be doing. But – important! – it’ll be changing every day, no two days will be the same!

The secret to getting hooked on this sport is that you don’t give up on it.

CrossFit Exercises and Movements

We’ve already looked at how it involves different metabolic, gymnastic or weight-lifting exercises; but you should also be aware of some of the most common exercises and movements.

You train crossfit

Here’s a list, so you don’t miss out:

  • Air Squat.
  • Front Squat.
  • Overhead Squat.
  • Shoulder Press.
  • Push Press.
  • Push Jerk.
  • Dead Lift.
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull.
  • Medicine Ball.

But all of this is just your base mark! Remember, you’ll never get bored in CrossFit.

Supplements for CrossFit

Best Supplements for Crossfit

At HSN, you’ll find the best supplements for your high-intensity training.

CrossFit Games

Each sport has its own competitions, and CrossFit is no different.

Have you heard of the CrossFit Games?

The Games are a competition for the best crossfitters in the world. But, how do you get to a level where you can compete at the games?

We’ll warn you – it’s not easy! 😉

CrossFit competitions are divided into the following classifications:

  • Open
  • Regionals
  • Games

The Games are the highest level you can compete at as a CrossFit athlete.

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