All you need to know about CrossFit, a sport that requires strength, power, gymnastic abilities, aerobic capacity…


What is CrossFit?

It is a functional training with varied exercises executed at a high intensity. Above all, it was designed to improve any athletic capacity: performance, power, speed, resistance…

All you need to know about CrossFit

When was CrossFit born?

Its origin goes back to the previous century, at the end of the 1990s.

Greg Glassman, his creator, was a visionary that gathered several exercises and activities that resulted in this extraordinary training method.

CrossFit is for you

In the beginning, everything started off as a system to train the State Security Forces in order to enhance their physical and athletic capacities.

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How to follow a CrossFit Training

Its involves routines without an established order, since at the beginning, it entailed a “general purpose”.

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However, thanks to the reevaluation in terms of competence, the trainers are more and more capable of making a plan for their athletes with a clear purpose: classify for the Games.

CrossFit Games 2018

For example, we can find elements and exercises like:

  • Olympic Movements
  • Gymnastic Elements
  • Exercises with our own body weight
  • Aerobic Capacities

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It has stopped being a trend to become a reality, and we want to prove it at the HSN Blog!
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