Fat-loss workout

Fat-loss workout

Here you have a complete Fat-Loss Training guide, which is a related to the fat-loss protocol by Sergio Espinar

How to Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle Mass

Our goal throughout the entire training will be to lose fat while preserving our muscle mass. This is why we need to fulfil these two points:

  • Caloric deficit
  • Training stimulus

Workout fat loss

This combination will guide us through the right path. The next thing will be how to face it

Fat-Loss Training

It consists of a weekly routine made up of 16 parts (16 weeks overall).

This system proposed by David Díaz Gil will have:

  • Chest-Leg Routine
  • Full Body Routine
  • Metabolic Circuits (from BPT)
  • Moderate Cardio
  • Strength Test

Muscle growth and definition

Everything will be perfectly explained in detail in the different articles

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