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David Diaz Gil

I am sorry, but age is not an excuse to not stay in shape

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David has a lot of experience in blogging, for more than 10 years, he has been focusing on strategies for fitness and endurance training systems and routines.

His passion for sport has led him to practice all kinds of disciplines, from football to squash, paddle, fronttennis or endurance sports like triathlon. In fact, he was distance finisher in the ironman in 2010.

He appeared in the cover of Mens Health in 2008, finalist in 2013 at the age of 40, which is why his blog and social media are called EnFormaAlos40 (InShapeAt40).

He has been thinking about focusing in combining fitness and triathlon part-time and start to divulgate a little bit more professionally in social media, without leaving aside his 'in shape at 40' philosophy. He plans to provide tips about how to start weightlifting to stay fit in a very simple way "without going crazy".

Apart from collaborating in several webs/blogs like Vitónica (Lead Editor for 10 years), Mens Health (he will retake the collab), Bodybuilding and supplements, Activia (Danone), BebesYMas, RendenciasHombre and Loreal.

He puts the essence of experience as well as scientific rigor in each one of his amazing articles

Studies and Experience

  • Superior Computer Engineer
  • Sport Masseur
  • IFBB Trainer
  • IFBB Master in nutrition
  • Job: computer analyst

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