Healthy Sugar Free Dessert

Healthy Sugar Free Dessert

Do you want to serve a delicious dessert with your lunch or dinner? In this category of our HSN Blog you will find the best options for Healthy Sugar Free Dessert, with which to bring the sweet side to the end of your meals… and also other savoury ones, in case you are not such a sweet fan.

Healthy Sugar Free Dessert

For after lunch or dinner, but still healthy

Easy-to-make recipes that you can prepare in 5 to 15 minutes, and that you can cook with HSN ingredients that you use every day in your kitchen for a healthy lifestyle: oatmeal, oat flakes, unsweetened dark chocolate, peanut butter, nuts… to which you can add seasonal fruit, fresh mint, natural yoghurts or lemon juice.

The aim is to sweeten your post-lunch or post-dinner treats, but with the aim of reducing the amount of sugars and fats in recipes.

What would be the HSN Healthy Sugar-Free Desserts?

Shall we give you an example? This is just a sneak preview, below, you can consult the complete list of healthy dessert recipes: baked apples, cheesecake, chocolate truffles…

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