Women’s Routine: BPT Woman

Women’s Routine: BPT Woman

Routine especially aimed at women: BPT Woman

What is the BPT Woman?

It is a training routine that is aimed at women who are looking for an entertaining and motivating system that will allow them to become better every day. It has been especially designed to improve their physical composition.

BPT Woman is based on the BPT routine, which can be done by anyone, both men and women. However, it starts at different levels, which is why it may not be advised in some cases. This routine can be done by any woman who has experience training. But if you don’t have any… what better way to start off?

Forget about the 700kcal diets eating chicken and lettuce, endless hours of cardio like a caged hamster… This will be exactly the opposite, improving the performance and enhancing the potential that all of you have. This is you chance!

Leave aside all the myths that surround women and training, like the myth that weightlifting turns you into the Hulk… When you try out the first week, you will be looking forward to the next one!

BPT woman

Reach your goals

What is the difference between BPT Woman and other Routines for Women?

We usually see women doing guided exercises or using machines, using reps and sets patterns such as 4×15 or 3×12, working a muscle group in particular. This is not what you will find in BPT Woman.

However, you will look forward to see what is up for the next day after you are done with the workout if you like dynamism, adding new exercises and training strategies that can be quite demanding sometimes.

As I said before, strict diets with very low calories are doomed, so do not be fooled. Moreover, as the days go by your sport performance will get worse, you will feel unmotivated, lose the will to go to the gym… and like that you will still have to do all the reps that come in the sheet that your monitor gave you…

If you want to do sports and feel healthy, then BPT Woman is for you!

This routine has not been designed for a woman who wants to compete (bikini, for example). Rather, it is a tool to make you feel better doing exercise, obtaining all the benefits in terms of physical aspects but avoiding any type of extremism or risk for your health.

Exhausted after training

Sometimes, you will end up like this, but it will mean that you have reached your objective

What is your objective?

“Toning” is a very used concept among the fitness world and especially when summer approaches, which is somehow disconcerting in my opinion, since people think that this means becoming stronger or getting shredded.

Logically, if what you want to do is becoming stronger you will need to have something to work with. From now on, we will avoid this type of vocabulary

Instead, we will simply talk about losing fat and preserving muscle mass, or the opposite, gain weight. Obviously, not all women have the same profile nor the same objective. There will be some who want to gain weight, others who want to get rid of fat from very specific areas…

Which is another mistake: we cannot do this, at least it is extremely complicated, since our endocrine system does not work in segments, but as a whole.

Squat, basic movement

Please, leave the selfies for the post-workout, when we train we need to disconnect and have some time for ourselves

What are the exercises that we can find in BPT Woman?

The Basics

When we refer to a basic exercise, we are talking about those which activate as much muscles as possible. In this case, we will do: squats, deadlift, military and bench press.

A very important point I would like to highlight is using free weights, that is, bars, plates and dumbbells instead of machines


Exercises that involve the activation of IIB muscle fibers or of a higher potential. They are mainly based on Olympic movements but which are still accessible without previous experience.


This is a very important aspect in our routine. It will be unlike anything you may have heard up until now: moderate cardio, do not push yourself, avoid running… or any other weird story. Here, we are going to do something completely different, we will deepen into several mechanisms and energy pathways, from the high, medium or low intensity, as well as using machines like row or elliptical bike, and running.

Running, sprint

When you were told: don’t do sprints…


These are workouts that can be done outdoors, especially cardio but also Combo-Hiit!


When do we take a break in BPT Woman? This will be established in each week’s planning. Usually, we will carry out two types of rest: active and complete. In the former we will do any type of activity that we want: from walking to zumba, biking… While the latter will involve a complete rest.

How is the BPT Woman Routine?

Each day starts with a warm-up, which is something basic in any type of training. Each week consists of training 4 days in a sport centre, either a gym or even a CrossFit box… Most of the exercises can be done in these facilities.

Each day you will have a wide range of exercises, apart from including videos to illustrate the way they have to be executed.

The nomenclature that I use will include the number of sets, the breaks between them and, of course, the weight that I think will be appropriate, however, it can be modified and adapted to each person. In any case, I will make some annotations.

Update: regarding the weights, I have used the feedback to get the amount of weight for each exercise; however, I suggest that you lower the weight if you believe it is too high for you, so that the exercises will be sustainable throughout the routine. With this, you can increase the weight gradually to progress.

What is the diet that I have to follow with BPT Woman?

Really, there is no need to make a lot of changes depending on the diet that you follow currently. In any case, increase the calories after seeing how you evolve during the week.

Even though I believe that this is something that everyone already knows, the best foods that you should prioritize are: fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, animal and /or vegetable proteins which are indispensable when it comes to improving the muscle recovery; let’s not forget fatty acids, such as Omega-3 sources (fatty fish, seeds, walnuts…) and others like eggs, olive and/or coconut oil.

Diet Example

This would be an example of a diet which is not better nor worse than the one that you already have, so, if you have any doubt I suggest consulting a professional like Dietitian-Nutritionist.




  • Pancake [2 eggs + 40g oat flour + cinnamon]
  • 1 Fruit
  • 1 Tea with milk


  • 120g of Fresh Cheese + 1/2 scoop of Soy Protein Isolate + 1 handful of Chia seeds


  • 150g turkey breast fillets with soy sauce + ground garlic and parsley
  • 300g green beans
  • 1 sliced avocado


  • 150g grilled salmon (ass garlic and parsley + red pepper)
  • Vegetables Cream
  • 2 ounces of Pure Chocolate

Find your motivation

Everything is ready, there is only one thing left: are you ready?

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