Fats are a group that gathers the different types of lipids which are key elements that make up our body.


What are fats?

They are nutrients that are obtained through the diet in order to provide energy to our body to function on a daily basis.

More specifically, our body uses them in order to keep on functioning once we run out of other nutrients such as carbohydrates.

We should not associate them with a negative effect on our body, even though they are always related to cholesterol.

Types of fats

They are an important part of our diet, but some types are healthier than others.

Choosing healthy fats from vegetables over less healthy ones from animals will help you lower the risk of suffering a heart attack, strokes and other major health problems.

We can distinguish between:

  • Saturated: from meat and their derivatives, the body is not able of transforming them since they have been previously processed.
  • Unsaturated: among which we can find monounsaturated (olive oil), polyunsaturated, essential oils and omega 3.
In this section, we will deepen into all the types of fat, how much do we need and how they work in the organism.
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