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His passion for nutrition, along with his great interest in sports, have turned him into a true freak of sport nutrition.

With a Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, he has always been interested in research, but especially in giving a practical use to what the theory can teach us.

He is constantly learning and updating what he knows. He believes that in this field, stagnation or thinking that you already know everything is a synonym of failure. There is always room to improve and for him, each day is a new opportunity to prove it.

It is easy to find people in this field who promise much more than what they truly do, which is why he makes an effort to develop formulas that are backed up by science and which provide a real benefit for his users.

This requires a deep analysis and study, which he always tries to carry out with absolute seriousness.

He tries to reflect all that he learns in his articles, trying to do so in a simple way, so that using the theory does not become a struggle. After advising several patients with diverse profiles for all these years, he has become aware of the difficulties that we can experience when we are trying to achieve certain objectives.

This is why his aim is always to provide useful solutions in a real context.

He has also been a speaker in the I Powerexplosive Online Course (2017) and has written several articles in the renowned fitness and training Blog.

  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Degree in Food Science and Technology
  • Master in Molecular Biology Applied to Biotechnological Enterprises
  • Research and Product Development in HSN
  • HSN Blog Writer

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