Home-workout with Dumbbells

Home-workout with Dumbbells

Here you have a practical guide to train at home with dumbbells

Dumbbell Training at Home

It can be a good complement if you practice other sports outdoors which do not need to be done at the gym or which need to be done mostly outside.

Also, many people would rather stay at home than going to the gym due to their daily routine

How to Train at Home with Dumbbells?

We will just need a couple of dumbbells

If we have several weights it will be much better


You can purchase adjustable dumbbells and add weight to increase the workload progressively

Home Workout Routine with Dumbbells

We can get excellent results with a home workout with dumbbells.

It is divided in 6 months and it will mainly consists of a full body routine

Adjustable dumbbells

Let’s make progress efficiently with a minimalist routine!

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