Training at Home with Dumbbells. Month 2 and 3

Training at Home with Dumbbells. Month 2 and 3

Here we bring you the second instalment of your dumbbell home training (Month 2 and 3), to get started in the world of weight lifting. Not attending a gym for lack of time, desire, resources or other means? Here’s the solution!

Routine for the 2nd and 3rd month

Home Training with Dumbbells. Month 2 and 3

Help with exercise

Front Squat

front squat

Bank Climbing

bank climbing

Romanian Deadweight

romanian deadweight

Unilateral Heel Raise

Unilateral heel raise

Glute Bridge Press Floor

glute bridge press floor

Chin Row

Chin row

Press Militar Unilateral

Press Militar Unilateral

Alternate Curls

Alternate Curls

Rear kick

Rear kick

Backward Stride (alternating)

 backward stride alternating

Press Arnold


Renegade Row

Renegade Row

Routine guidelines

In the first month of training we relied on full-body routines, every day, ideal for starting on weights. Subsequently, we have introduced into the routine of these two months two days of torso-leg and a full body day.

The torso-leg routines are based on working one day the upper torso completely and another day the lower torso (see MONDAY and TUESDAY). Friday gets a full-body workout day.

Remember that these routines are for people who start at home, although they can be extrapolated without problems to any level.

Simply increasing their intensity by increasing the loads, lowering the cadence or raising it, varying the rest, superserialising or modifying the routine based on these examples.

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