Training for Cutting Phase

Training for Cutting Phase

Follow our advice and our Definition Training routine and will be able to improve your physical composition like you always wanted

Cutting Phase Training

In some way, we could say that there is no training for definition. This is completely true since…

Our diet is what will make a difference to reach this objective

Cutting phase

However, the training will also play an important role: contributing to the caloric expenditure while preserving our muscle mass

Routines for Cutting Phase

Most definition routines that you can find on the internet tend to be based on divided patterns. That is, daily muscle training.

We will use another criteria for our planning. To do so, you will find a series of different workouts combined with advanced techniques (supersets…) and metabolic circuits, among others.

Obviously, this will not take over exercises with weights.

Moreover, we will pay a lot of attention to the “both love and despised cardio”

Cutting 1

This does not mean that it will be necessary, but it will help us move towards our objective this time

12 Weeks Definition Training

Our objective will be to achieve as much fat loss as possible while preserving as much muscle mass as we can.

Each week, we will use a specific plan by alternating training strategies

Motivational motto

It is important to stay motivated during the cutting phase!

We will explain each week’s objective and how to achieve it

Who can carry out a Training for Cutting Phase?

  • It is aimed at advanced athletes who have experience training in a definition protocol
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