We are always present in the most important events of the world of sports. In HSN, we always try to be close to you, athlete. That is why we collaborate and organize different events in order to show you all our products. Yes, those that help you make the most of your workouts! HSN events 😊


HSN will be attending different events

Strength, endurance, trail, basketball, CrossFit, conferences… these are some of the events that we have already attended. The next year, we will go to many more, since there are many athletes that need us. Join us!

Our objective is to support your sport performance. Have you checked all our products? If you see us in one of the sport trials you participate regularly, do not even hesitate! Approach us in the HSN events and so that we will be able to learn more about your needs.

Congress HSN


Since 2018, HSN has been supporting some of the most important sports conventions, both at a national and international level. Do you know which ones are we talking about?

  • International Strength Symposium (2018 and 2019 editions)
  • Better by Science Congress Malaga 2018
  • JAM Congress 2019
  • Personal Trainer National Congress 2019

Interbox Rota 2019


We rely on expert trainers and technicians from the world of fitness, and we have been able to attend several conventions to this date.

In some of them, we have joined the most important athletes of the country, while others have been carried out by or technicians, who have given practical lessons in order to improve the conditions of athletes:

  • Interbox Rota 2019 Spanish Championship
  • HSN Fitness School

Trail Endurance HSN events

Endurance and Trail

However, not everything is going to be theory. What better way to put what we have learnt in practice with the best national endurance trials, which also have a good number of international participants.

Have a look because we will be attending many more the next year and it will be our second time in some of them!
  • Sherry Marathon 2019
  • Riaño Trail Run 2019
  • Ultra Sierra Nevada 2019
  • Santa Fe Night Trail 2019

Do not miss the HSN events! We will tell you all about it in this section 😉

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