HSN Fitness School

HSN Fitness School

The HSN Fitness School is an event where we try to provide information and knowledge to our followers about the latest topics about nutrition and sport. Like everything we do, we provide rigorous information relying on the best professionals from the sector.

What is the HSN Fitness School?

The Fitness School is an initiative that we came up with at HSN. Our aim is to organize talks with a scientific background about the latest aspects and news from the world of physical exercise and sport nutrition.

The speakers are renowned figures from the country but which have international repercussion.

But you may be wondering, what am I going to find in the Fitness School?

The latest strategies in terms of workout methods or the most rigorous information about aspects related to nutrition: diets, how to improve the physical composition or how to focus and improve your workout and diet. Discover the HSN Fitness School.

What is the objective of the Fitness School?

Above all, our aim is to provide updated information for those who are passionate about training and sport nutrition. We rely on the best professionals from the sector so that you will be able to stay up to date and learn knew things.

On the other hand, we provide the Sport Nutrition by offering samples of products and supplements that are top sales in the HSN online store. These are already the best workout supplements of thousands of athletes that trust in our brand.

In the end, what we want is to encourage an HSN lifestyle. To do so, it is indispensable to do physical exercise, follow a good diet and supplementation protocol.

What is the Fitness School all about?

Theory and practice

Each event has the same structure: theory and practice. The former is done in the morning and the latter after lunch.

Product sampling

There will be a break in the morning when the public will be able to try the latest sport nutrition products and protein smoothies.

As usual, we will bring the latest flavors of some of our Top products, like the Evowhey Protein 2.0

Round of questions

Finally, after the practice, it will be your chance to ask questions to the speakers. Wait for your turn and ask them any question about the topic of the talks, you may learn something new!

Giveaways, prizes and surprises in the Fitness School

We always have exclusive surprises for you

During the conferences, apart from giving gifts to all the attendees, we will do a giveaway through our social media. Do not miss it, because you will be able to win a bunch of products!

Let’s review the previous editions of the Fitness School

Madrid 2014

It all began in 2014 with the first edition of the Fitness School in Madrid. The main goal of this symposium was to consolidate the bases of healthy nutrition and exercise. Moreover, we want to encourage physical exercise, a good diet and particularly a correct supplementation.

Fitness School AttendeesA successful Fitness School

We managed to gather 120 attendees in our first edition, who were more than satisfied. The symposium was free and the speakers were David Marchante (PowerExplosive) and Sergio Espinar.

Both are currently a reference in their field and they managed to grab the attention of all the attendees completely. Some of the topics from the talks were:

  • Weight loss
  • How to preserve the muscle mass
  • Strength
  • Workout plan and how to use supplementation properly

Granada 2015

The second time, we also had national referents in the world of training and sport nutrition: Sergio Espinar and David “PowerExplosive”, with David Díaz Gil moderating (among others).

Fitness School Granada

Once again, the symposium was made up of a theoretical explanation of the most popular topics of the moment. Then, it was followed by a detailed practical session where we could learn how to perform several physical exercises for muscle growth.

The guests were:

  • Mario Muñoz
  • Rodrigo Mora
  • Science4Fitness (Julián Bahamontes and Cristian Álvarez)
  • Javier Colomer
All the attendees received a bag of free products from the brands that collaborated in this conference: SportSeries and USN. In addition, you could get a signed picture of one of the speakers David PowerExplosive

Malaga 2015

The next stop was Malaga, where we gathered some of the most influential national speakers in the 3rd edition of the Fitness School. That year, we had the pleasure to listen to: David PowerExplosive, Walter Suárez and Mario Muñoz.

Fitness School Malaga

The event focused on new trends in planning strength training, nutritional strategies for sport and low-carb, ketogenic and paleo diets, as well as the safety of sport supplements.

Some of the guests were:

  • Rodrigo Mora
  • Science4Fitness (Julián Bahamontes and Cristian Álvarez)
  • Sergio Ramirez
  • Paula Escalón
  • Jesus Pacheco

Valencia 2018

The forth edition of the Fitness School gathered once again David Marchante (PowerExplosive) and Sergio Espinar. They talked about different topics of interest related to physical exercise and sport nutrition.

David Marchante

  • Key concepts to program a workout
  • Personal conclusions, 5 years of Powerexplosive

Sergio Espinar

  • Nutrition for strength sports
  • Mistakes we make in fitness competitions

Good habits

Madrid 2018

Finally, the fifth edition of the Fitness School welcomed David Marchante (PowerExplosive), Sergio Espinar and Paloma Quintana. Once again, they touched upon different current topics related to sport nutrition and exercise.

On the other hand, Javier Colomer made a practical presentation of his training method, called BPT (Beatman Performance Training). Find out more about this workout routine here.

Fitness School Madrid

BPT Challenge

There was a new feature when compared to the previous editions. We challenged all the attendees to participate in the BPT challenge.

When will our next Fitness School happen?

Keep an eye on our social media because we will revealing our next destination soon! 😀

HSN Fitness School Review

Previous Editions - 100%

Speakers - 100%

Practice and Theory - 100%

Fitness School 2020 - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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