Nutrition in Trail Running: What to take and when in the Ultra Sierra Nevada

Nutrition in Trail Running: What to take and when in the Ultra Sierra Nevada

Ready? This starts now!!! HSN is once again sponsoring 2022’s most eagerly-anticipated event by mountain lovers and, in particular, mountain runners: the Ultra Sierra Nevada. We offer you a series of tips on how to tackle nutrition in trail running.

And in 3, 2, 1… Let’s go!

HSN Team at the Ultra Sierra Nevada

HSN Team, during the Ultra Sierra Nevada 2021.

What is the Ultra Sierra Nevada trail running?

It’s a mountain race that runs through the Sierra Nevada (Granada). You can choose to participate in 5 different modalities depending on the distance:

  • Extreme with 160kms
  • Ultra with 100kms
  • Trail with 60kms
  • Marathon with 40kms
  • Medium with 25kms
There’s much more information and profiles of each race in this link.

Trail Running Supplements for the Ultra Sierra Nevada

Trail Running Supplements for the Ultra Sierra Nevada

Why is a food and supplement strategy important?

Undoubtedly, and whoever has experience in this type of racing will know, a correct diet can make the difference between leaving the competition victorious or, on the contrary, seriously strugging.

Trail running, and as is characteristic of endurance sports, tests you both mentally and physiologically, and your athletic performance may depend on the nutritional strategy you’ve adopted.

In this sense, one thing is certain, and that’s that if you want to keep your glycogen reserves, i.e. your energy stores, high, you should burn the following into your heart:


Carbohydrates are synonymous with energy, and as we explain in this post, there’s a need to consume these nutrients during the race in order to maintain that level of energy.

Why is a food intake strategy important?

Of course, the “homework” is done at home, and our diet should be predominantly rich in this “macro” food.

We always recommend you seek the advice of a sports nutritionist to agree on an individual nutritional plan.

What should you eat before a trail running race like the Ultra Sierra Nevada?

As we were saying, nutritional planning should ensure our body “overflows” with energy, and this is achieved by maintaining a diet based on nutrients that provide us with good doses of energy.

And what are these foods? Our dear friends carbohydrates.

As there is an extensive list of foods that contain them, they can be tailored to the individual “fancies” of each athlete (as well as those with a pathology, such as coeliac disease):

  • Cereals, like oats, rice, wheat, rye…
  • Tubers, like potato or sweet potato…
  • Fruits, such as bananas, raisins, dates…

24 hours before the race

Generally speaking, food in this period shouldn’t be too different from what we have been eating on a regular basis.

We’ll look for foods that are high in carbohydrates and easy to digest.

Remember that we’re a few hours away from the start of the competition, and the last thing we want is to compromise our digestive system.

Some examples that may interest you:

  • Rice bowl with raisins.
  • Mix of potato and boiled carrots.
  • Chopped banana with honey.
  • Oatmeal porridge with dates.
  • Roast apple.
  • Sports drinks.

You’ll always hear someone says: “don’t run on an empty stomach”…

Well, maybe it’s not so crazy to start the race like that. At the end of the day, the energy you’re going to have for this moment is that of the night and days before.

My recommendation is to take an activating product such as the Evobeast formula.

What should you have at refreshment posts and during the race?

We need to understand that we’ll be providing the main energy support during the race.

In the race, we should make good use of energy drinks, carried in 1 of our flasks, filled with Evotonic for example.

Trail Running Stops

Don’t forget to refill your bottles!

Likewise, when we notice we’re “coming down” in terms of energy or we’re going to cross a fairly hard stretch, it may be a good time to have a gel.

Alongside this, at the supply points, it’s a good strategic to:

  • Fill one bottle with product, and the other with water.
  • Eating.

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What can we eat?

Based on our previous experience (this is not the time to try new things), we can have:

  • Cocoa butter sandwiches.
  • Dates.
  • Dried apricots.
  • Fig bread.
  • Evogummy.

HSN Evogummy for the Ultra Sierra Nevada

Learn more about Evogummy in the HSN online store. Check it out!

Generally, avoid fats with nuts, as they can complicate digestion.

The importance of hydration

As the race progresses, it will become more important to increase your mineral salt or electrolyte intake to avoid a decrease in performance and, above all, to avoid dehydration.

In high intensity and long duration events (even in adverse weather conditions, as may be the case) we can make use of Evolytes, taking 1 serving every 90 minutes with 500 ml of water or your favourite drink.

For more information, we recommend taking a look at the following article about the importance of hydration.

The best recovery for trail running

With glycogen stores low after crossing the finish line, using a carbohydrate-based nutritional intake is advised.To kickstart the recovery process, we can add a portion of protein.

HSN Ultra Sierra Nevada Recovery

One of the most important moments: crossing the finish line.

Evorecovery would be our choice at this stage, an optimal formula to take at the end of physical activity composed of carbohydrates + proteins (in a 3:1 ratio) and mineral salts.

HSN Ultra Sierra Nevada Top Recovery with Evorecovery

Have you heard of the best recuperator on the market yet? It’s Evorecovery by SportSeries.

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