Evoclear Hydro, the lightest and best dissolving serum!

Evoclear Hydro, the lightest and best dissolving serum!

Our HSN R&D&I team has done it again. From our in-house research, product development and manufacturing facilities, we’re bringing a new and unique product to the market, with varied flavours, lightness and maximum dissolution. SportSeries Evoclear Hydro will keep your refreshed after your most demanding training sessions, and with fantastic nutritional value. Clearer than water!

Why get Evoclear Hydro?

Because it’s simply the best clear whey you can find on the market. No other brand can offer you the nutritional characteristics, varied flavours, lightness and high solubility (you won’t see any foam) of the SportSeries Evoclear Hydro.

Our HSN Research and Development team, made up of the best nutrition and dietetics professionals, has been working for months to create the best clear whey product on the market. At HSN, anything’s possible! Why offer something to our customers that doesn’t meet ours and their expectations?

Highest quality and dissolution Evoclear Hydro HSN

With Evoclear Hydro we’ve accomplished out goals once again!

With the characteristics of our usual hydrolysed whey: Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate by Raw Series (with raw material used for its development), but with fruity flavours and maximum lightness.You’ll find a product with the best dissolution, without foaming when mixed with water or other natural drinks.

How many flavours can you choose from?

To make things easy, I’m going to list the complete range of Evoclear Hydro flavours:

  • Pineapple
  • Green Apple
  • Pear
  • Mango
  • Cola
  • Blackcurrant
Dare to try them all 🙂 You’ll discover a delicious, light and nutritious drink that helps you succumbing to sugary products that will completely break your healthy lifestyle.

The best clear whey on the market: with maximum lightness and solubility

At HSN, we’ve created a complete food preparation. It’s a hydrolysed protein isolate (Iso+Hydro) with low acidity, lower sugar content, and a higher protein content compared to a protein concentrate.

HSN Evoclear Hydro new clear whey

And what else does Evoclear Hydro have to make it the best clear whey on the market?

Well, it fills a gap in the HSN catalogue and has the best clear whey dilution on the market. A lot of the time whey protein shakes are too heavy, either for periods of the year like summer or when you’re exhausted after a big workouts.

Evoclear Hydro, however, comes in a light formula, meaning you can have it before workouts, after workouts, to accompany meals, or even to refresh yourself in summer as a healthy, nutritious and cold drink.

Two Evoclear Hydro formats available

Evoclear Hydro is now available in the HSN online store, within the whey protein section.

Basket options for HSN Evoclear Hydro

You can choose from the usual SportSeries formats: 500 g or 1 kg bags, ensuring you’re always well-stocked in your favourite clear whey flavours:)

Want a little help? Here’s a basket prepared with SportSeries Evoclear Hydro and some supplements to make the best clear shakes imaginable.

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Features - 100%

Flavours - 100%

Why buy it? - 100%

Lightness and dissolution - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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