HSN collaborates in an effort to treat Sickle Cell Disease in Senegal

HSN collaborates in an effort to treat Sickle Cell Disease in Senegal

Through the NGO Projecte Tabassaye, HSN has donated the necessary amount of the RawSeries L-Glutamine Powder amino acid to treat patients with sickle cell disease in Senegal.

HSN Collaboration

A month ago, the NGO Projecte Tabassaye asked us for help providing L-Glutamine Powder by RawSeries to patients with sickle cell disease.

This was based on the 2017 FDA approval of the amino acid for oral administration.

HSN L-Glutamine collaboration

HSN collaborated with the NGO by donating the necessary amount of RawSeries L-Glutamine Powder. Everything is destined the treatment of patients in the Fass Diahe (Kolda) healing house.

What is sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell disease is a chronic disease of hereditary origin that causes a malformation of red blood cells. It causes serious problems for those who suffer from it. And unfortunately, sickle cell disease is commonplace in Senegal.

As it’s a hereditary disease, it can’t be cured, but we can try to alleviate the serious consequences it causes (chronic sores, osteomyelitis, tuberculosis, persistent anaemia, etc.), providing them with a comfortable environment and teaching them about their disease and how to take care of themselves.

Use of L-Glutamine as treatment

The NGO’s goal is to share a series of simple recommendations they can follow to reach an acceptable quality of life.

What is L-Glutamine Powder by RawSeries?

The RawSeries L-Glutamine Powder is a powdered supplement based on l-glutamine from plant fermentation.

RawSeries L-Glutamine Powder

L-Glutamine Powder by RawSeries.

And what exactly is l-glutamine?

It’s a non-essential amino acid (not produced naturally by the body) that becomes the most abundant acid in the body. In fact, 60% of the amino acid content of muscle tissue is glutamine.

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