HSN renews its IFS Food certificate with a Higher Level rating!

HSN renews its IFS Food certificate with a Higher Level rating!

Always in line with the highest safety and quality standards, the HSN factory has renewed its IFS Food certification (International Featured Standards) in 2022, achieving the highest rating: Higher Level. In 2021, HSN become the first Sports Nutrition and Healthy Eating brand with its own factory in Spain to obtain the certification. It has now achieved excellence in its first annual renewal.

IFS Food 2022

The HSN factory was awarded the IFS Food certification for the first time in 2021. It’s the most stringent international quality standards applied to food manufacturers.

You can read our blog post from 2021 discussing the importance of the certification.

In 2022, we’ve renewed it, reinforcing our commitment to maximum quality guarantees in raw material selection and processing and in the quality of our sports nutrition and healthy eating products. In fact, IFS Food not only ensures maximum safety in manufacturing processes, but also guarantees the validation of all raw materials used in all products of the 7 HSN lines.

If you want to check the status of the HSN factory’s IFS Food certification, you can do so here.

Review: Higher Level

As excellence is the only way for us, we couldn’t stop at simply getting the certification. IFS Food has a number of standards that provide a final assessment, and we had to get the highest level.

The exhaustive work carried out by the HSN factory team since opening in 2018 has led to a Higher Level rating in the renewal of our IFS Food certification in 2022. Specifically, we got a 95.55% rating.

In other words, the HSN factory has obtained the highest possible assessment in the evaluation carried out by Bureau Veritas, which audits the companies applying for IFS Food certification, a program recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

Safety and Quality Factory HSN

The certificate recognises the HSN factory’s field of activity, which develops dietary supplements and food formulas, in powder form, and packaged in plastic bags. Encapsulation or compression of dietary supplements, packaged in plastic bottles. And packaging of dietary supplements, in soft gel format, in plastic bottles.

Why does HSN renew its certifications every year?

In 2021, our HSN brand was the first sports nutrition and health food brand in Spain with its own factory to obtain the IFS Food certificate. In 2022, we achieved the Higher level rating.

And we continue to work to excel, constantly striving for quality, safety and excellence!

Renewal of HSN Safety and Quality Certificates

Some people wonder why we renew our quality and safety certificates, including IFS Food…

The answer is simple. Certificates related to the manufacture of food and food supplements are validated every year. And all certifications are public. To ensure transparency with our customers, we ensure we have all our certifications up to date at HSN. You can find them on our HSN Quality Assurance page.

Take note! We make sure our certifications are there for everyone to validate. Make sure other brands can do so as well to ensure quality and safety in their factories and your products. And remember, at HSN, we manufacture our products in-house.

Other quality and safety certificates

HSN has also been able to renew two other certificates from our factory: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Both certifications are granted by the Bureau Veritas Certifications, body, which is responsible for controlling all work processes, from the validation of suppliers and raw materials, to the management of intermediate processes and critical points, as well as thorough reviews of the finished product.

IFS Food HSN 2022 Manufacturing

As with all the brand’s available products, you can consult the GMP and HACCP on our HSN website.

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2022 renewal - 100%

Higher Level rating - 100%

Why is it renewed annually? - 100%

Other certificates held by HSN - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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