UGR and HSN Research on Women in Training

UGR and HSN Research on Women in Training

The study by Robles-González et al. (2022) on caffeine and the performance of women who train, published last March, analysed the performance of 15 young women who took Anhydrous Caffeine Powder by RawSeries. In addition to equalising ballistic performance, it increases lower body power for women and improves the height reached in the jump test. Caffeine peformance in trained women…

Study with Anhydrous Caffeine Powder HSN

The research by Robles-González et al. (2022), published last March , used Anhydrous Caffeine Powder from the HSN RawSeries line, which exemplifies the Spanish brand’s commitment to research.

UGR-HSN study caffeine-performance of women in training sessions

The aim of the study was to discover the possible interaction between time of day and caffeine intake on upper and lower body neuromuscular performance (ballistic performance, strength maximal dynamics and strength-endurance performance) in resistance-trained women.

This is the first study on the effects of caffeine on performance variation in trained women. It was based, among others, on the analysis by Mora-Rodríguez et al. (2012) where it was concluded that the same acute dose of caffeine (3 mg/kg) can attenuate the observed morning diurnal variation of neuromuscular power and dynamic strength in male athletes.

The limitation of this study is that it was carried out only in trained men, thus not knowing if it could be applied to female athletes.

After the research by Robles-González et al. (2022) and under the use of the HSN Caffeine Anhydrous Powder, it has been confirmed that caffeine also effective in trained women.

Caffeine Powder RawSeries

Anhydrous Caffeine Powder by RawSeries (HSN).

How was the research conducted?

The study analszed the performance of 15 young women (mean age 25.1 years), a previous strength training experience of at least 1 year with a frequency of two or more training sessions per week, and a low habitual consumption of caffeine.

To complete this study, the trained female athletes took 3 mg/kg of Anhydrous Caffeine Powder from RawSeries 30 minutes before a neuromuscular performance test.

Study results

Results confirmed the existence of a diurnal variation in ballistic performance in trained women, with higher levels in the afternoon than in the morning.

UGR & HSN commitment research innovation

The results of the study suggest that morning caffeine intake may be an effective ergogenic aid. It may reverse the morning reduction in lower body ballistic performance due to circadian rhythms .

Additionally, it also improves the height reached in the jump test. It results in caffeine increasing lower body power in trained women.

HSN,a firm commitment to R+D+i

The collaboration with the research group of the University of Granada (UGR) that carries out this research shows HSN’s commitment to Research, Development and Innovation.

In this area, the brand has an experienced R+D+i team, made up of nutritionists and dieticians. These not only work on the development of HSN products with unique and exclusive formulas, but also research and analyse the ingredients and raw materials to be used in the products, thereby guaranteeing maximum quality and safety.

Quality-Safety manufacturing hsn

HSN manufacturing: quality and safety.

HSN specialists rely on recent research on ingredients and raw materials to develop new products. The 7 HSN lines seek to cover the needs of society in the fields of health, well-being and sports performance.

Through its commitment to development, the HSN factory ensures quality and safety in its manufacturing following the highest standards: IFS Food, GMP, HACCP, GWP and ISO8, among others.

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HSN Commitment to R+D+i - 100%


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