It is very important for men to maintain their sexual potency for many years, even at an old age. This is something that has nothing to do with virility at all, in fact, having a satisfactory sexual life contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

How can we maintain our sexual potency?

The sexual potency can be increased at any time by taking zinc or l-arginine, as well as some natural plant extract such as turmeric, pomegranate, ginseng or maca.

Pomegranate, ashwagandha and maca help to enhance the sexual potency. On the other hand, arginine helps to improve the blood flow and zinc stimulates the formation of male sex hormones.


Sex is a key element for our health. There are many types of sexual dysfunctions. Knowing how to diagnose and treat them is crucial to solve this problem. In this section, we tell you what is a lack of sexual potency and how to treat this serious problem.

Most men see sexual potency and desire as a sign of their virility and it plays an essential role in their lives, regardless of their age.

However, the sexual potency does not only affect the virility since, in medical terms, its meaning is so much wider and it also affects the sexual capacity.

What is male sexual potency?

It is a man’s ability to have an erection and engage in sexual activity.

What is female sexual potency?

It is related to fertility, as well as the stimulation of the vagina and the desire to engage in sexual activity.

What triggers sexual dysfunction problems?

Both in men and women, it does not only affect the physical capacities, but it also involves psychological factors which are essential for sexual stimulation.

A lack of sexual potency can cause many problems throughout our lives, especially affecting our health and couple relations. However, those who suffer from this disorder tend to hide it due to shame or fear of failure.

What are the causes of sexual potency disorders?

Male erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of any age and it can be triggered by organic or psychological factors.

What are the most frequent psychological factors?

Bad sexual experiences, anxiety, shame or problems with the opposite sex.

What are the most frequent organic factors?

These are often due to other diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, thyroid problems or cardiovascular diseases. It can also be due to hormonal changes, nervous disorders or blood flow alterations.

Moreover, some medicines produce side effects like a lack of libido in women or erection problems in men.

Sex in couples

How can we identify the typical symptoms of sexual potency problems?

The main symptom in men manifests through problems to have an erection. But there are other symptoms as well, like premature ejaculation or infertility.

The problems are not so clear when it comes to women. There are different symptoms from a lack of libido to vaginal dryness, which can cause pain when having sex. Moreover, infertility can affect women psychologically and reduce their libido.

What should we do if we have one of these symptoms?

You should immediately go to the doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis.

How can we determine the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by different things.

What is the trigger?

First of all, we need to do a complete checkup before using any treatment. Sometimes, urological and gynecological tests have to be done when there is a disease in the sexual organs.

Lack of libido in women

In the case of men, cardiovascular disorders can be checked with a Doppler sonography. A semen analysis can also provide information about fertility.

In the case of women, gynecological studies can also help to uncover the causes of infertility.

Moreover, the hormone exam also allows to diagnose other disorders. This type of physical tests can help to identify organic problems. However, we may be dealing with psychological issues that do not allow men to have erections. Doctors usually complete the diagnose by asking several questions to the patient to determine where does the problem come from.

Treatment: How can we treat sexual potency problems?

The treatment for erectile dysfunction will depend on the causes of this problem. If there is an underlying disease, we will have to treat it first. However, this impotence is caused by psychological trauma, which is why combining psychotherapy and sexual therapy in couple can make the treatment more effective and successful.

Erection problems that come from organic causes can be treated in different ways. One way is through pills or erectile rings that work mechanically and which stimulate the erection. Women can use products that improve the blood flow to heighten the sensitivity of the vagina.

Which natural products can help to treat sexual impotence?

Apart from conventional medical treatments, nature offers so many possibilities to stimulate the blood flow and enhance the sexual potency.

Which natural products increase the sexual potency?

One of them is yohimbine, an alkaloid from the yohimbe tree bark which is capable of increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs and of stimulating the sexual arousal.

Maca, ginseng, rhodiola, pomegranate, hop and chastetree also enhance the libido and the sexual potency.

Moreover, a proper intake of l-arginine, zinc, as well as some trace elements and vitamins can help to increase the sexual potency even more than any other type of medicine.

Couple kissing

How can we prevent erectile dysfunction?

It is recommended to follow a healthy diet on a daily basis, apart from not smoking nor drinking a lot of alcohol. On the other hand, those who suffer from this disorder also have to involve their couple in this. In this sense, it is advisable to talk about it with your couple and try to solve this problem together.

What can we do to fight against impotence or sexual dysfunction?

There are some days in which we feel the impotence or a lack of libido, which is completely normal. However, you should do something if the situation lasts more than six months.

Which activities can fix sexual impotence?

Massages, acupuncture and relaxation techniques on a daily basis can help to improve the sexual potency.

Do not forget to check if the problems are being caused by some medicine and consult your doctor about what you can do, you may be able to replace it for another medicine that does not cause that side effect.

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