Healthy Dinners

Healthy Dinners

Recipes to cook quick and easy healthy dinners at home. They are incredibly delicious! Try one or all of them if you dare…

Healthy Dinners

You get home after a long day at work: you woke up early, did some fasting cardio, and you barely had time to take your post-workout shake because you were running late for work…

  • There, you ate some oat pancakes…
  • A mid-morning snack made of a protein shake and a bunch of nuts.
  • Then, it was time for lunch and you ate some chicken breast with veggies.
  • Work is over and you head over to the gym!

You finish your workout, drink you post-workout shake and when you get home you think… what about dinner?

Healthy Fitness Dinner

If you are a good Fitness Diet follower, you want this concept to apply to every single meal that you make throughout the day. Do not let everything go to waste when it is time for dinner.

First, as you already know, you should measure the calories that you need each day to achieve your objectives.

Then, those who are more experienced probably already know about the importance of macronutrients and their distribution depending on our needs.

Vegetable stir fry

What about a beef and vegetable stir-fry for dinner?

Thus, we can follow a Low Carb High Fat Diet (LCHF) or the opposite, a ketogenic diet, or a paleo diet… endless diets… But no matter which one you choose, you should look for the best sources, because the quality of the diet will heavily depend on this fact.

Carb-Free Dinner

One of the most rooted myths of Fitness Nutrition: should we avoid having carbs for dinner? Even though the answer might seem quite obvious if you have some notions about this, for most of people, this is still a big issue.

The explanation seems simple, if we take the energy criteria into consideration, then our body will manage the energy that is administered as food.

Carb-free salad

The recipes you will find here will contain carbohydrates from different sources, but specially vegetables…

At this point, some people may think: “…yes, but, if I remove the carbs from dinner (or from 18:00h onward) I will lose weight…” Obviously, if you “cut” your carb supply, what you are doing is eating less calories, producing an energy deficit. Here is the key.

The recipes that we propose will have carbohydrates from several sources, but mainly from vegetables…

What would be a Good Healthy Dinner?

A healthy dinner should be part of a Nutritional Plan and it will not be so different from other meals, like in the case of lunch.

A healthy dinner does not mean eating very little, rather, it is more about adjusting the nutrients and calories that we need depending on our objectives.

What should be clear is that in both cases we would need to use fresh and nutritionally dense foods while avoid processed products.

Healthy salad

The same dinner, depending on the context, will be absolutely feasible for some people, while others will have to adjust it…

If we want to lose weight (particularly fat), the daily calorie intake will be quite different from that of an athlete.

Alternatives for a Healthy Dinner

Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to “dieting”, this fact becomes extremely important. So much so, that we could say that the dietary adherence depends solely on this.

There are people who do not mind eating the same dinner every single day.

Healthy Dinner Alternatives

A delicious healthy dinner does not have to be a bland dinner…

However, most people, specially if they follow a strict regime, will find it much easier to eat foods that allow different combinations and recipes.

Vegetarian Healthy Dinner

We will also take into account this way of understanding nutrition in our posts. Evidently, we will also include recipes for those who follow a more strict diet, like vegans.

As we already know, they avoid eating animal products. The vegetarian diet is a little bit more flexible (depending on the type) and it allows some animal products, such as eggs or milk.

Vegan dinner

Then, a vegan should eat a carb-free dinner…?

In this regard, if we want to obtain complete proteins, we will need to combine several sources of vegetable protein, such as legumes, rice, or cereals…

Healthy Gluten-Free Dinner

Gluten is a type of protein that is present in certain foods, particularly in several types of cereals. Those who suffer celiac disease must avoid eating any trace of gluten.

Some of the recipes will be labelled as “Gluten-Free”

Gluten-free pizza

Even though this pizza looks appetizing on the outside, if you pay attention, it does not have the typical processed ingredients… This is the “magic” of Healthy Recipes!

However, you do not have to follow the same guidelines if you do not suffer this pathology.
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