We interviewed Dr. Binu, Arjuna Natural’s Deputy General Manager for Research and Development

We interviewed Dr. Binu, Arjuna Natural’s Deputy General Manager for Research and Development

Arjuna Natural is the company that commercialises the patented ashwagandha extract Shoden®, from which our EssentialSeries Ashwagandha Extract Shoden® (40:1) 240mg is developed. We spoke to Dr Binu from Shoden®, Arjuna Natural’s Deputy General Manager of Research and Development, who tells us how it is cultivated, its proven benefits, the studies that support it, and how it is treated before being sent to the HSN manufacturing plant.

What is Shoden®?

Shoden® is a proprietary extract of Ashwagandha roots and leaves standardised to 35% WG, with the highest percent of actives standardised Ashwagandha extract in the world market.

What is the characteristic that makes Shoden® different from other ashwagandha extracts?

Shoden® IPR covers composition, process of manufacture and its application. Shoden has the highest % of actives (withanolide glycosides) standardised in the extract which differentiates it from other ashwagandha extracts.

What is a withanolide glycoside and what is the difference between it and the withanolides?

Withanolides structures represent a collection of naturally occurring C-28 steroidal lactone triterpenoids assembled on an integral or reorganized ergostane structure, in which C-22 and C-26 are oxidized to form a six-membered lactone ring. Withanolide glycosides or glycol withanolides known as withanosides with mostly a 6-O-β-D- glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl type of glycosidic linkage attached to 3 positions. Withanolides include withanolide glycosides and withanolide aglycones.

What studies have been carried out to support its effects?

Shoden® has been studied for its effects for reducing stress, anxiety, improving testosterone in males, improving quality of life, vitality, improving quality of sleep, improving immunity in healthy populations etc. There are multiple ongoing and independent studies on Shoden®.

Ashwagandha Shoden® HSN EssentialSeries

Aswagandha Shoden® de EssentialSeries.

What can we use Shoden® for?

Shoden can be used for reducing stress and anxiety, improving quality of sleep, immunomodulation, improving vigor and vitality, cognitive and brain health, improving quality of life etc. New and wide benefits of Shoden® are being uncovered as research progresses.

How is ashwagandha cultivated? Is it an external farming or directly by Arjuna Natural?

Ashwagandha is cultivated mostly in central and northern India by smaller and marginal farmers using traditional methods. It is usually a late rainy season crop. Being a hardy crop, it is drought tolerant .  The crop is harvested manually and inspected and initial cleaning and sorting done on the fields after which it is dried and prepared as per our specifications. We have trusted partners who work closely with farmers to ensure that the right  clean raw materials as per specifications reach us. The ingredients are inspected in our labs both prior to despatch to our plant as well as on arrival for purity, quality, contaminants and pesticides before being admitted to the process.

Etiqueta Ashwagandha Shoden® HSN EssentialSeries

HSN’s Ashwagandha Shoden® EssentialSeries product label.

Why do you use roots and leaves and not just roots?

Arjuna Natural, has identified the key actives that are providing beneficial properties and these actives are present in both roots and leaves of Ashwagandha. This is the reason why we are using both roots and leaves. Arjuna is also committed to sustainability, responsible use of resources and harnessing technology to reduce wastages.  It is only responsible that we leverage technology to utilise the natural resources to the best extent possible.

Which concentration determination system is used? Why is HPLC the best?

Arjuna has identified key actives in Ashwagandha and developed an improved HPLC method and validated it which can detect and quantify withanolide glycosides, which is standardised in Shoden to 35%.

What kind of quality and safety controls do you comply with in the production of Shoden® powder?

At Arjuna Quality safety is at the foremost when manufacturing Shoden®.  Shoden® is manufactured in Arjuna’s own manufacturing unit which is certified with ISO 22000 and GMP as food codex. We are following HACCP norms to ensure the product safety, to ensure end-to-end quality, all incoming raw materials and any auxiliary inputs are checked on receipt, as well on all intermediate stages. The final product also passes through stringent quality and safety checks prior to despatch. Among other parameters, it is ensured that the product is strong with respect to actives as well as is free from any contaminants including but not limited to pesticides, heavy metals, harmful germs, etc.

Qué es Shoden® y cómo lo usa HSN

Raw material Shoden®, Arjuna Natural.

How do you control the use of your raw material Shoden® in brands like HSN, which has your Ashwagandha Shoden® Extract (40:1) 240mg?

Each batch of Shoden® is tested and packed carefully when dispatched to customers such is HSN so that there is assurance of supply chain integrity. The batches are traceable and brands can be assured that they get Shoden® with full strength.

Arjuna is growing and expanding all over the world. What projects do you have planned for the future?

Arjuna has been focusing on innovation and innovative natural solutions to impact positively the health of the world. We were recently selected among the finalists for the innovation award at HiFi 2021 for RHULEAVE-K. We are also working on more product ideas and increasing the pace of innovation.

Shoden® materia prima Ashwagandha EssentialSeries

Learn more about ashwagandha on HSN.

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