HSN joins Afepadi, The Association of Dietary Supplements

HSN joins Afepadi, The Association of Dietary Supplements

Afepadi (Business Association of Dietary Supplements and Dietetic Products in Spain) has announced its latest member: HSN, a leading online brand in Spain for Sports Nutrition and Healthy Eating.

What is Afepadi?

The body, in operation since 1943, aims to provide “the framework for the defence of the common interests of the food supplement and dietary product industries, and for the promotion of their products“.

Moreover, it’s the most representative association of factories and companies in the sector, which makes it the strongest association to look after their interests.

HSN SportSeries Sports Nutrition

SportSeries, an HSN sports product line.

What are the objectives of Afepadi?

Made up of more than 100 manufacturers and distributors of food supplements and dietetic products in Spain, Afepadi’s functions include representing, managing and defending the food supplements and dietary products industry before any organisation, jurisdiction and body”.

In this respect, the association is responsible for representing its member companies before national and international business organisations in its field of activity. As well as “to ensure the prestige of companies in the sector, defending their dignity, and taking care of their public image”, among other issues.

HSN FoodSeries Healthy Eating

HSN manufacturing plant.

HSN commitment: safety and quality

At HSN, we share the consumer protection efforts of Afepadi. As a manufacturer and distributor, we always ensure the highest quality and safety in our products.

And it’s why the HSN factory recently renewed its GMP, HACCP and IFS Food certificates. The latter is the most stringent international standards applied to food manufacturers. HSN is the first brand in the sector with its own factory in Spain with this last certificate.

HSN EssentialSeries Melatonin Complex

EssentialSeries Melatonin Complex Gummy, one of the latest HSN products.

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What is Afepadi? - 100%

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Commitment to the consumer - 100%

HSN: quality and safety - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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