HSN: First Spanish brand with IFS ood manufacturing certification

HSN: First Spanish brand with IFS ood manufacturing certification

The International Featured Standards (IFS Food) are the most demanding international quality standards given to the manufacturers of food products. HSN has become the first brand in Spain with its own production to achieve this in the Sports Nutrition and Health Food market.

What is the IFS Food Certificate?

It is the most demanding food safety standard and is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which aims to audit companies that manufacture food or those that package food products in bulk.

One of the main objectives of the IFS is to ensure food safety for the final consumer as well as the legislative requirements applicable to products in the destination countries, as it is an organisation with a global presence.

HSN Factory Entrance

Fancy coming with us on a tour around the HSN factory?

Ensuring effective food safety by ensuring compliance with requirements related to Food Defense.

On the other hand, the IFS also ensures the mitigation of food fraud, by having procedures in place that verify such a plan on the part of the company in question: Food Defense.

What does IFS Food bring to HSN products?

Here’s the IFS Food certificate! Click and see how it’s already a reality at HSN 🙂

At HSN, we are once again reinforcing our faithful commitment to maximum quality guarantees in the selection of raw materials, manufacturing, and the quality of our sports nutrition and health food products.

Since the opening of our production plant in 2018, we have opted for pharmaceutical facilities, which is not required for food production. IFS Food reaffirms our commitment to quality in the manufacturing process of our products.

Want to know the status of our IFS Food certification right now? You can check it instantly here 🙂

HSN IFS Food Production

HSN production under the most demanding quality and safety controls.

Now the quality of HSN products are not only certified by their labelling, but also their factory manufacturing process, choice and control of suppliers, raw materials, and even the final product, thanks to the most demanding international production certificate.

In this sense, the IFS Food guarantees the validation of all raw materials used in all products of the 6 HSN lines, something that’s always been demanded by the national brand, but is now under the strict control of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

HSN, reference in the sports nutrition sector

After more than 10 years, HSN continues to take steps to become not only a reference of Sports Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Spain, but internationally.

HSN EssentialSeries Products

EssentialSeries by HSN, products made with the IFS Food guarantee.

Obtaining the IFS Food certificate is another step forward in our goal of ensuring maximum quality guarantees for all products, ensuring selection of the best raw materials, and in the manufacture of the final products for our customers.

Want to know about more certifications that endorse our products? Go here to see our quality assurance section. And we promise it’ll keep on growing!

The HSN production plant, located in Granada, has not only grown in quality certificates, but also in production metres in recent months.

In fact, we now have a total of 2,400 square metres of production area, and all under the quality and safety guarantees of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, a requirement not required of a food factory like ours.

HSN IFS Food Quality

HSN raw material quality guarantee.

This growth ensures an increase of our production capacity by almost 300%, fulfilling the goal set in recent years of becoming much more efficient in the manufacture of our own products.

Another of HSN’s objectives is to always guarantee its customers the highest quality of its products at a fair price, practicing the so-called Right Price system.

HSN IFS Food Factory Labelled

HSN quality guarantee

In this way, the customer receives their sports nutrition and health food products directly from the factory, avoiding any intermediary, which always increases the cost of the final product.

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Review of HSN & IFS Food

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