An explosion of flavours with the new FlavourSeries HSN line

An explosion of flavours with the new FlavourSeries HSN line

It was something all our followers were asking for, and it’s finally here! HSN FlavourSeries is our brand new line, an explosion of more than 14 different flavours that will give you the chance to flavour your whey, plant proteins and neutral sports drinks from RawSeries.

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Change flavours every day

Because with our new line you can now you can make your own mixtures of (RawSeries) proteins, plant proteins (neutral from EssentialSeries) and amino acids, carbohydrates or sports drinks.

And this way you can change the flavour every day! Because we know that you love nothing more than making your own formulas with the best HSN products:)

You will be able to choose from over 14 flavours, which we promise to increase in the coming months. Flavours make specifically for the different types of drink you’ll be making – sweeter options if you’ll be mixing with your whey or plant proteins; and lighter flavours to make your sports drinks.

One thing’s for sure: you’re going to be blown away. Add a sugar-free flavour to your neutral drinks!

Three options based on your drink of choice

Don’t think that FlavourSeries is just another line of flavourings, like the ones you might typically find in the sports nutrition and health food market.

HSN FlavourSeries Production

Lemon yoghurt flavour label from the FlavourSeries Flavouring for dairy protein line.

How does FlavourSeries differ from other brands?

Our R&D&I team has worked to achieve maximum solubility and flavour according your drink of choice (in neutral flavour).

Is it the same to use a flavouring in a whey protein and in a sports drink?

No! That’s why our team of experts have been working for months on creating more than one FlavourSeries option for our customers. The aim was to achieve the best solubility and for you to enjoy the best flavour according to the drink you wanted to make.
Whether dairy

Whey, plant-based or a sports drink

Packaging FlavourSeries

Get ready to love FlavourSeries!

that’s why you’ll find 3 options in FlavourSeries line, depending on the neutral products you’re going to use in your personal mix:

Don’t use just any flavouring in your drink! At HSN, we ensure the highest quality, solubility and flavour thanks to our experts 🙂

Less than 10 calories per serving

We want you to be able to flavour your protein shakes and sports drinks worry-free. As such, none of our FlavourSeries flavourings exceed 10 calories per serving and they’ll all sugar-free.

You can now fill your cupboards with the new FlavourSeries flavourings. Know which one you’re gonna start with? Let us know in the comments below if you buy from the RawSeries line or neutral products from other brands.

HSN FlavourSeries Flavouring

What flavour and product are you going to try with the FlavourSeries flavourings first?

Tempted to try all FlavourSeries options?

Well, we’ll leave you 3 shopping baskets all set to go. Yes, 3 because we want you to try the FlavourSeries line in the 3 different drinks options that our team of R&D&I experts have worked on:

  • For whey protein: get your basket here.
  • For plant protein: all that’s left is to pay.
  • Looking for amino acids and carbs for your training or recovery sessions? Here’s your FlavourSeries basket all full.

FlavourSeries HSN production

Take a look at the surprising nutritional table of our new product, depending on the flavour.

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Review HSN FlavourSeries

New line - 100%

Flavouring - 100%

Dissolution based on your drink - 100%

Low in calories - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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