HSN receives IFOS Certification for its Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg product

HSN receives IFOS Certification for its Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg product

One step further in offering premium quality certified products at the right price.

HSN is certified

At HSN, we’re always transparent, and we’ve always explained our situation regarding the status of IFOS certification for Ultra Omega-3:

As it is our wish to follow all processes in a completely transparent way, we avoided including the IFOS logo on our product, even though its raw material was certified, as the certification was in the name of the fish oil manufacturer, and not in our name: the dietary supplement manufacturer.

You know what, guys? It was only a matter of time… And we’re certified!

We’re now a company with IFOS certified products, and approved to an outstanding level!

Nutrasource has awarded us 5 stars out of 5 according to IFOS certification standards. The best you can get, of course. We didn’t doubt it 😉

You can find us at the following link.

And access the analysis of our products through any of the two reports published to date:

Product analysis

And it doesn’t stop there!

At HSN, we have big ambitions, we don’t settle with what we have, and in addition to constantly continuing the certification process in each manufactured batch of our products, we plan to continue working with IFOS as a symbol of maximum transparency and quality.

What is IFOS

IFOS™ (International Fish Oil Standards) is Nutrasource’s most traditional and well-known certification, launched in 2004, based on the analysis of marine oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids to ensure their quality, safety and purity.

What is IFOS

IFOS is a symbol of transparency and quality for Omega-3-based products.

It’s a long road

At HSN, we work with the highest quality raw materials on the market, we take the process of finding the ingredients with which we develop our products very seriously, and we demand what we offer: the highest quality standards.

Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg by EssentialSeries

Our Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg is one of the most sought-after dietary supplements based on fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids (350mg EPA / 250mg DHA) on our website.

In its manufacture we use, and used, raw material that’s IFOS certified.

The problem with today’s market

Nutrasource follows strict conditions to ensure the highest quality of its certification standards, and compliance with them by certified products.

Despite this, many companies use “IFOS Certified”, “5/5 IFOS stars” or simply use the logo on their website or their packaging, without being endorsed by Nutrasource.

No product that is not identified, by batch and reference, in the directory of brands and certified products of Nutrasource (the IFOS certification company) is officially certified.

You can locate IFOS certified companies at the following link.

Nutrasource invites you to share with them any IFOS product you want to buy but cannot find in their directory.

Certification from Nutrascore

This is done to monitor the illegal use of statements related to the use of certification , as if it’s not found in this directory, there’s no right of use of the trademark or for mentions of possession of the certification.

IFOS 5-Stars: What does it mean?

IFOS is a certification based on 5 categories of analysis, each corresponding to a star, and compliance with Nutrasource standards for each of the 5 categories identifies a product of maximum quality, purity and safety.

IFOS 5 Estrellas

Our Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg has been certified with 5/5 stars, complying with the values established by Nutrasource as valid for compliance with its IFOS standards.

  • Concentration of Omega-3 according to that indicated on the label
  • Meets IFOS oxidation standards
  • Complies with IFOS standards for PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) and PCDD/F (Dioxins and Furans)
  • Meets IFOS Heavy Metals Standards
  • Meets all categories of IFOS analysis
Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg is in compliance with the reference values for each of these categories. You can access the details of these analytical references, and values obtained in our product, on the second page of the analysis report.

At HSN, we are committed to the highest quality, safety and transparency!

Attention! Important!

For inventory reasons, the IFOS logo will still not appear on our packaging until we have exhausted the labels already printed without the logo.

This is because the inclusion of the certification logo is the only change that the product will undergo, as we already used raw material certified with IFOS before it was obtained, so all the current labelling information is correct and will be kept on the market to avoid discarding materials unnecessarily.

You can check that the certification is correct with the report published on the Nutrasource website.

Remember, although the logo does not yet appear on our packaging, it will soon be available, and the product is already certified, even without the logo.

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Review of EssentialSeries Ultra Omega-3 TG 1000mg IFOS Certification

Maximum score (5/5) - 100%

Highest quality standard - 100%

Product analysis - 100%

Logo - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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