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Specialist in physical training focused on improving the physical condition, sport performance and health.

He graduated in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and it is currently a researcher in the field of metabolic physiopathology and how to approach this issue through physical exercise. Moreover, he prepares and plans the physical workouts of high performance basketball teams.

He has more tan 4 years of experience training both amateur and competition athletes who wanted to improve their physical competitions and strength. Currently, he is thoroughly studying the molecular signalling pathways regulated by exercise and sport nutrition.

  • Honorable mention for the best academic record in the humanistic Branch of post-obligatory secondary studies.
  • Degree final project with honors 2017-2018.
  • Mention for the best academic record in master studies and final project with honors 2018-2019.

Researcher at the PROFITH (Activebrains Project, associated with the University of Granada) with honorable mention during the external practices.

  • Master in Teacher Education to improve the profile in the fields of physical exercise and sport nutrition.
  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (University of Granada).
  • Master in Teacher Education for Obligatory Secondary Studies and Baccalaureate, Professional Formation and Language Teaching (University of Leon).
  • NSCA Personal Trainer Certificate (NSCA-CPT).
  • Writer at the HSN Blog and former broadcaster in RadioVoz Galicia.

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