Beatman Performance Training: Concept

Beatman Performance Training: Concept

Are you looking for a method to train all the stimuli? Do you want to have fun in each workout while improving your physical condition? Then the answer is “Beatman Performance Training” 🙂

This type of routine is suitable for anyone, I even have some friends that are following it and some of them are older than 45 … There are no excuses!

What is the Beatman Perfomance Training?

Beatman Performance Training (previously known as Beatman’s Style) is a training system that has been designed to enhance the performance, increasing the athletic capacities with a challenging but motivating perspective, as well as entertaining workouts.

The objectives have been clearly planned by combining Strength and the Metabolic Condition which are aspects that are mostly developed in power and high intensity workouts. We will prioritize the technique through “combo-hiit” combined with Performance Activity.

Why should you Try Beatman Performance Training?

Any circumstance that may alter the tranquillity of our personal life, loses relevance when we are following the Beatman Performance Training (BPT from now on). It will require a 100% of the athlete’s involvement, resulting in the subsequent stimulation of our senses that will cause an adaptation to help us face the daily challenges of our lives in order to be successful.

This philosophy is not a copy of others of other training methods, rather, it is simply what its creator (myself) has experienced and continues to do, applying each Knowledge acquired in each Workout Session, under his motto “Knowledge Makes Stronger” and that it is a pleasure to share with those who look for something similar in their lives.

What can I expect from the Beatman Performance Training?


I believe that if you want to have an ideal physical composition you have to make the most of the workouts through efficient and effective exercises. Some of the most basic ones are:

  • Squats
  • Dead lift
  • Bench Press
  • Military Bench Press

To these we will add complementary exercises such as rowing, exercises with our own weight… That is, we will use elements that will enhance our performance and make the most of the athletic capacities of each individual, which will start to grow as time goes by.

Improve the Body Composition

The second concept is an issue that concerns everyone, I mean, who does not want to have a “6-pack”, V silhouette, defined shoulders, or to look in the mirror to see the congestion of our muscles at any time of the day… Anyway, everyone likes to look good, I will not believe you if you say otherwise.

The first concept of my philosophy, Performance, is linked to achieving a superior composition. However, we will still have to go through a “No Pain, No Gain” phase, and if you follow the best diet in the world but train like my grandma, you will not see any improvements.

“Have fun”

I have used inverted commas for the last epigraph because even though it may seem controversial, I can only think that there must be some kind of “pain-satisfaction” mechanism within our organism, otherwise I cannot explain how we look forward to experience a workout that feels as if we were being “beaten up” day after day…

This is the end of the description of my training system. Now I will try to provide a more detailed explanation about the concept and the objective of each session that will come in later articles.

What are the points of BPT?

Power Hybrid!

We are going to work strength and power, adding complementary elements and some hypertrophy; we will do some weightlifting, basic strength exercises, gymnastics… We will always work in a parallel way through a progression in strength, and specially focusing on our weaknesses.

Let’s say that this is the part of the training that “will make us stronger”

Power Conditioning!

Metabolic conditioning using several elements (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicinal ball…), which is quite similar to the “WODs” from CrossFit… but with my personal touch. Forget about doing 1000 burpees or things like that, where it seems to be more important to finish the exercise “no matter what”, without any objective and with a poor technique…

This attitude about finishing “no matter what” is the main issue with some CF programs (some of them), since the way we train and compete is quite similar, leaving what it is truly important aside: …if you always train as if you were in a competition, when do you train then?…”


Metabolic conditioning or cardio. Here, we are going to enhance the aerobic capacities and possibly deal with the Achilles heel of many athletes, who leave this aspect behind mostly due to laziness or lack of motivation…

We will deal with: the Lactate Threshold, VO2MAx and the Aerobic Capacity (oxidative substrate). You should think about going premium on Spotify because these will be some long workouts that can be quite monotonous, but they have a purpose nonetheless. However, training is all about stimuli, so you should not worry since in other workouts, even if you are wearing headphones, you may not notice that a song is playing… 🙄

Thanks to Chris Hinshaw for transmitting his knowledge and change our perspective about the training methodology

Some concepts from BPT

If you have some experience with functional or high intensity training, some terms or even the scheme I am using may look familiar.

First of all, I will explain some terms that I have invented to refer to some parts of the training itself:


It will appear in each routine and it will be similar to metabolic circuits in which we will easy weights to execute the movements and links several stations, always with a speed that will allow us to perform a correct movement pattern (technique) and which will be made up of several rounds, with or without a short break.

The aim of this technique is to create a huge series made of different movements that will enhance our performance through the VO2MAX.

The term HIIT refers to two moments of intensity, one of them is active which is when we perform the activity, and the second one is rest or lower intensity (active recovery).

Executing a Combo-Hiit would involve finishing each round “unbroken”, that is, non-stop, and with a recovery period that is capable of recharge the ATP (not completely) to provide support for the next round.


It is a system that we have already discussed in an article.

Movements with our own Body Weight

I will take advantage of this article that I wrote a while back regarding this concept and which can be used in CrossFit as well.


Many of them are going to come from here, we must keep them in mind even though they will be explained again in due time.

New Exercises

We can also use other exercises that will pick up from here.

What should I eat if I follow the BPT?

This is a very interesting point. As you have already seen, the performance is extremely important in this system.

Then, you should eat to recover.

You have to calculate your calorie requirements and adjust your macros, both related to the IIFYM system. The IIFYM guide will be ready very soon and it will help you follow it without any issue. I know some people, including me, who follow this type of training and diet, and we are doing quite well actually… ;P

Is BPT the same as CrossFit?

Some of you may be wondering already. The answer is quite simple, no, it is not. BPT allows any type of exercise or workout, since it takes all the stimuli into account.

You can do biceps curl in BPT and it will be ok… 😉

Functional or Not Functional…

Biceps Curl in CrossFit? But that is not functional, right…? Well, BPT includes this exercise. You can ask a waiter that works for many hours a day and who has to hold a tray with a single hand, what is better? A unilateral biceps curls or dead lift…? I think that both…

Tips prior to BPT

  • Performing auxiliary motility exercises as well as a myofascial release should become part of our daily routine to complement our training. You can use a foam roller among other accessories. You should also consult a specialist in the matter to get professional treatment and advice.
  • There are many articles in the blog about the benefits of the basic exercises that we have mentioned, as well as the technique to execute them properly. I will use them or videos to illustrate my points better. You should (must) ask the monitor or professional in charge.
  • BPT is a high intensity activity with a high degree of complexity in some cases. This is why, in spite of my advice when it comes to use a certain weight, you will have to make sure that you know how to perform the exercise and that you are capable of using said weight.
  • You have to be in perfect physical conditions, without any injury or disorders which may hinder the exercise or even worsen said condition by starting with the routine.
I will provide further information in the following articles, in which I will share my point of view regarding the training with all of you. The responsibility lies on the person who decides to try this system.
Beatman Performance Training Review

Fun - 100%

Results - 100%

Motivation - 100%

Improved Physical Composition - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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