Beatman Performance Training: starting out with BPT

Beatman Performance Training: starting out with BPT

I would like to tell you about my experience starting out in training Javier Colomer’s BPT (Beatman Performance Training)

I have been thinking about trying something new for a long time, I have been changing routines and training methods for years, but always with the typical classic routines of hypertrophy, strength or muscular resistance.

I have tried many of the methods that exist, from the typical split methods, through to the German method, the triseries of Poliquin, the heavy duty or the typical fullbody for hypertrophy, to hybrid routines of several systems devised by me.

The thing is that I had always thought that my trainings were intense, varied and effective, whenever I had proposed a physical challenge (within my real limits) I had achieved it, but when I became part of the HSNStore family I met a madman named Javier Colomer, or better known as Beatman, who just by talking to him I realised how far I was from reaching ecstasy or total collapse in training.

BPT week 30

Beatman Performance Training or How to Get Fit

As you all know, Beatman has created the BPT (Beatman Performance Training) advanced metabolic training, which presents a clear objective:

Be as strong, as agile and as fit as possible

To achieve this you cannot be too hypertrophied since you will then penalise agility but without muscle there is no strength, so it is the snake that bites its own tail.

In short, the aim of this training is to increase performance, enhancing the athletic capabilities of each individual, and as Beatman says, to maintain an ideal body composition it is necessary to train, in a way, giving your 100%.

This is based on the most efficient and effective exercises available: Squat, deadweight, bench press and military press. Adding complementary exercises as accessories, such as: rowing or calisthenics.

The BPT is already on week 56, in other words, it has just completed a year of existence with very demanding routines week after week

As Javier tells me, he has captured his experience of years of training, presenting it to the public in the way that he most conveniently thinks he can convey his methodology, capturing a routine in which that race can be seen exemplified, and which will possibly be an “appetising dish” for any training enthusiast, or for someone who is looking for something different, but above all very effective, motivating, and which squeezes the maximum out of them.

Beatman performance training week 39

Starting out in the BPT

Being fearless, like so many others, after some talks with Beatman, I felt the urge to try this system. That thing of increasing my performance to the maximum sounds very good, and for once in my life, to let myself be carried freely by a crazy soul in the world of weights like Colomer had its appeal.

I have to admit that the three weeks of initiation already put me in my place, that is to say, I realized that I was not at all an advanced in the metabolic training, their “Combo-Hiit” and their MetCon gave me a hard time.

My aerobic level is not bad, I don’t have the level I had a few years ago when I was doing triathlons but I can do the 10km around 42′ and I also do average runs of more than 20km without much difficulty, as well as putting triseries and series in my hybrid routines without my heart hardly breaking. But this method, its exercises and above all, the little time off made me see that I am not as good as I thought to do this challenge.

I have to admit that many of the weights that Beatman indicates for advanced I could not use, he always walked among the lowest for advanced or the highest for intermediate, and although these first 3 weeks were of contact, he passed on them to finish all the exercises with the specific times of rest.

BPT week 15

Advancing in BPT

Once I had passed the initiation in this fun system, because besides being demanding it is “very very funny”, as long as you like to die training…, it was time to move on to the weeks of strength progression, where the training really put me in my place.

It’s at 8 weeks where some more advanced weightlifting exercises start to be used, a world where I’m a real neophyte and where the technique must be especially neat not only not to injure you but to be able to perform some exercises.

In these weeks, Beatman has really been cautious and progressively introduced exercises of this discipline through his version with dumbbells. As he specifies in the week 30, this is where already “the thing becomes more serious” and recommends that if you do not have material and adapted facilities, possibly you will be very difficult to continue from this stage onwards.

Exercises such as the frontal squat, which I had only experienced in my previous trainings, taught me that the dorsiflexion of my ankles or the elasticity of my hips was not ready to overload.

Series with “One Minute Work, One Minute Rest” made me realize that my recovery wasn’t as good as I thought, or an exercise as simple at first sight as a hand pull, I discovered that my vertical descent technique was not good at all, and correcting this was going to cost me a kidney or who knows, maybe both.

Pros of Starting BPT in my opinion

When the time comes to quantify the pros of this training, I would cite the following:

  • Super-demanding: no matter how much experience and years you have been doing weights in the gym if you have not trained metabolically, it is a very demanding workout, something that surely motivates everyone who wants to take a step further in training and improving their body and mind.
  • New: Without a doubt including weightlifting exercises is very Crossfit and for all those who have never done a WOD it is something very new.
  • Aerobic: the training is very aerobic which increases the difficulty, not only must you have a level with the weights but if your cardiovascular fitness is not optimal you will have a hard time, so doing it I have no doubt that you will improve your cardiovascular level.
  • Fun: Well, yes, it’s a workout that surprises you every week, being impossible to get bored with it. It’s clear that it won’t be fun when you’re short of breath or your legs hurt, or when your biceps collapse, but when you’ve just done it you realize that you’ve had a great time, it’s enjoyable afterwards.
  • Addictive: is a training that has a very high love-hate relationship, there are moments when you remember all the Beatman family, but that pain is temporary, as soon as you finish you realize that tomorrow you are going to want more, and you appreciate the routine.

Cons of BPT in my opinion

But it was all fun and games until we realised that the this was serious, we are also going to cite some cons:

  • Super-demanding: It is a characteristic that can be a pro but also a con. It is a very demanding training and is not suitable for all staff. This does not mean that you have to be a superhero but it does mean that someone without experience in high intensity training is better off not trying.
  • Potentially harmful: if you don’t do things with your head, warm up your joints very well, use a neat technique, eat and rest, what you need is training where you can’t injure yourself. And I would go further, shoulder injuries may be the most recurrent in this training because of the type of exercises used, the intensity and the super-seriousness that this implies.
  • High frequency and volume: There comes a time when you have to train practically every day of the week, with workouts lasting over 70 minutes on several occasions. So if you’re a timekeeper or don’t have the ability and/or desire to train daily, this is not your workout.
  • German Discipline: you have to be very neat and respectful with the breaks and the weights, otherwise the training loses its functionality. You have to use a stopwatch constantly, and applications that help you to do the tabata or you will not make it effective.
  • Limiting exercises: in reality it is not the exercises but the person who due to his physical limitations, above all in terms of flexibility and coordination, will not be able to do the most demanding training exercises, exercises such as handstands, what seems so simple becomes super complicated.

Ankle dorsiflexion

Solutions / attitudes to take into account when Starting the BPT

In my case the first thing I have had to do is to repeat a few weeks, even going backwards, there is nothing wrong with going back to the start, it is more important to do things right than to try to move forward week after week.

When you start weightlifting exercises, you start, power, snatch,… you will realise your limitations and it will be time to decide to go backwards and add flexibility improvement exercises so that when you return to the turning point you can pass it with ease. In fact, when I reach week 12 What I’ve done is go back to the beginning, but include exercises to improve my flexibility within my weekly routine.

In the case of needing to improve the ankle’s dorsiflexion the post that our colleague Mario wrote about “Dorsiflexion of the Ankle: a test of our limitations” will suit us perfectly. It explains everything, why it happens to us or how to improve it, so I think this post is a must read.

There is little more I can say, well yes… that you will experience it for yourself and you will understand after a few sessions, that all the above is totally true… and, do you dare to starting out in BPT?

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Review of Starting Out with BPT

Challenge - 100%

Fun - 100%

Demand - 100%

Results - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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