Why take supplements to practice triathlon?

Why take supplements to practice triathlon?

Using supplementation in Triathlon can be an useful strategy to improve the performance, recovery, or any other important aspect. Now, let’s see some of the best supplements for this discipline.

What is Triathlon all about?

Triathlon is a sport that requires more than just physical resistance, it involves mental strength and personal growth. It gathers three sport disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running, and it is regarded as one of the hardest sports.

Swimming Phase Triahtlon

Like Millet and Vleck said (2000), triathlon is “one sport, three disciplines, and two transitions”

There are other modalities that differ from the intensity of triathlon, but what they do is to take its essence, which is combining different sports. Triathletes tend to have a very good physical condition, which is why is no surprise that those athletes that choose to practice triathlon have admirable athletic qualities.

Endurance Sport

Almost all the training to prepare for this sport involves cardiovascular exercise (aerobic exercise), since the three disciplines are endurance sports. Apart from the preparation it involves, which is for three disciplines and which will achieve a better muscle balance.

Cycling Phase Triathlon

All this work produces a great muscle and energy wear which must be recovered to the fullest, so that the workout is properly assimilated and which will guarantee that we are ready for the next one.

Nevertheless, the strength training is always going to contribute to the preparation of the athlete.

Importance of the workout

The workout consists on the stimulation of the body by breaking the “stability” to which it is used to normally function, so we stress it and we push it so that it adapts, which involves a series of improvements in terms of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, the muscles, etc.

Running phase triathlon

It is known as homeostasis: so that there is an adaptation to the workout which will allow us to face the future competitive event with the best preparation.

The determining factors will be a good workout, a balanced and planned diet, as well as respecting the recovery and rest times, which will help us obtain the results we are expecting.

Supplementation: a great ally of the Triathlete

Due to the demolishing and demanding nature of this sport, the recovery phase is vital when it comes to increasing our sport performance. If we are not fully recovered, we will start in a disadvantageous position in regard to the rest of athletes.

This is why it is so important to pay attention to this phase, because if we are going to produce a great wear by training and competing, we will need to compensate it if we want to achieve our objective

This is when supplementation and sport nutrition can be useful, their task is no other than supporting the athlete by improving the recovery of energy and the regeneration of the tissues, as well as helping during the workout or competition

Health of the Triathlete

You do not need to pay very close attention to realize that preparing for a triathlon involves pushing our body to unsuspected limits. This is going to produce a series of physiological changes that we will have to plan. Training will be as important as assimilating the workouts.

Triathlon Diet

Another way to contribute to all of this is by avoiding any type of nutritional deficiency. The tiniest mistake can make all the planning go to waste, which will prevent us from giving our best. You cannot underestimate any variable, and the diet will gain a lot of importance

Occasionally, we may not be able to be as careful or our workouts will reach higher levels of depletion in our organism. We may find it useful to support the diet with multivitamins and minerals, essential Omega-3 fatty acids, and/or Antioxidants.

Optimize the Recovery

It is necessary to provide a proper supply of protein daily to guarantee an effective muscle recovery. Even though this sport activity is based on a high percentage of glycolitic substrate, sometimes even athletes tend to underestimate the intake of proteins. An excellent source of proteins is the Protein HydrolyzateProtein Hydrolyzate, because they do not produce any stomach discomfort or heaviness, since it provides a very fast absorption.

Proteins for Triathletes

Like Glutamine Peptides and HMB (leucine metabolite), the amino acids are meant to favor and accelerate the muscle recovery between sport sessions

Taking proteins before going to sleep is an excellent strategy to meet the protein requirements and to favor the recovery during the night

Hydration during Triathlon

Maintaining the intensity during the main phases of triathlon (swimming, cycling, and running) and the transitions produces a high wear, as we have already mentioned, so we need to act act accordingly so that our performance is not affected as much as possible. The critical point is the hydration during the race.

Electrolytes Recharge

A high percentage of mineral salts is going to be lost through sweating, and we should not compromise their recharge if we want to maintain not only the intensity of the race, but even our participation. Otherwise we will run the risk of suffering muscle cramps.

Hydration Triathlon

Supplements for the Performance in Triathlon

From all the supplements that are available, we can use two substances that affect the organism in different ways, but when combined, their effects are going to produce the following benefits. These elements are:
Citrulline Malate + Beta Alanine.

  • Increase of the blood flow and cell oxygenation (precursor of Nitric Oxide)
  • Improve muscle resistance
  • Accelerate the excretion of products of metabolic waste
  • Encourage the synthesis of ATP
  • Contribute to reduce the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Support the recovery after the exercise

Supplements for triathlon

Carbohydrates supply

Supplying energy during the triathlon is vital. Our organism has limited energy reserves available as glycogen. It is quite possible to reach a point when said reserves are practically empty, specially due to the demanding nature of this sport. To solve this, it is advisable to have sources of carbohydrates available to strategically provide energy when we need it the most.

It would be interesting to include Palatinose in our supplement stack in order maintain a constant energy supply. If we want to get more benefits sooner, we can mix it with other faster sources of carbohydrates.

Gel Triathlon

An effective way is to use gels, which can be perfectly used mid-running. They are easy to transport and to administer. They have an electrolytes complex which is fundamental to hydrate and to avoid collapsing or fainting.

In such case, during the cycling phase, we can take a carbohydrates blend and mineral salts in a jug, and take little sips every now and then. In the running phase, depending on our disposition, we can take a belt where we can take a little bottle or gels, apart from some energy bars.

The day of the event

The day has come, the moment you were waiting for, in which you will give everything you have been working for, the reason why we gave our best in every workout. To all of this we can add that when we perform intense workouts, the glycogen deposits are emptied (normally due to a bad planning of the diet), and the organism will use more amino acids from the muscle.

It is important to know how it will affect us and therefore, we will have to be prepared to act and increase the reserves when we have to face the even so that we begin in the best condition.

Supplements Advised for Triathlon

These supplements should be part of the sport supplementation of anyone who carries out intense workouts and who also look forward to participate in competitions. They will help to solve the deficit that is produced and which empties the deposits of the organism, and which perform other vital metabolic functions, such as improving the absorption of energy, supporting the synthesis of the tissues, the cardiovascular function, the recovery of the neurotransmitters…

The recovery is as important as the training, since one cannot exist without the other. A brilliant strategy within the sport and nutritional frame will make the difference between an athlete and another.

Supplements for Triathlon Review

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Shorter Recovery - 100%

Maintenance of Muscle Mass - 99%

Easy Intake - 98%


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