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Buy HMB Online: keep your muscles strong

Recognised as HMB, its correct name is ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate.

Table of contents

What is HMB?

It is a metabolite of the amino acid L-leucine, which in turn also makes up the branched-chain BCAAs. It is produced naturally in the body through one of the essential amino acids such as leucine, so maintaining optimal levels of the medium-chain or branched-chain amino acid will be key to producing it.

If you are looking to supply your body with this metabolite, take a look at the products we offer in the category of our HSN online shop. You can also use the search filter directly.

Products in powder, capsule or tablet form can be used to obtain the recommended amounts of this substance. All our products are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and safety, being developed with the best raw materials on the market.

Beta hydroxy beta methyl butyrate

In addition, being manufacturers and avoiding intermediaries that increase prices, at HSN you will always find the best prices on the sports nutrition and healthy eating market. You can add your products directly from the factory to your shopping cart with daily offers and promotions, as well as gifts for certain purchases.

What is HMB for?

What is beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate or leucine used for?

ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate is an amino acid derived from the BCAA leucine that the body can produce itself, but in small amounts, according to various experts.

The human body is only able to synthesise 0.2-0.4g of HMB per day from the leucine we provide (EFSA NDA, 2011).

There are dietary supplements available to provide your body with the recommended and optimal levels of HMB methyl butyrate.

At HSN you have SportSeries and RawSeries options of ß-hydroxy-ß methylbutyrate, intended for those athletes who wish to include it in their supplementation routine along with others.

Main types of HMB you can buy

Within the different options or services that you will find in the market, there are also two types of HMBs depending on their development and manufacture.

HMB – Ca

This is the HMB format derived from the calcium salts of beta hydroxy beta methylbutyrate.

Calcium contributes to normal muscle function, making it a good ally for athletes, whether in relation to muscle mass, recovery or muscle strength.

HMB CA is available from HSN in raw or pure form or in a formula such as Evohmb, developed as HMB CA and vitamin D3. Of the latter product, the recommended intake is 3000mg of HMB, spread over 3 daily intakes of 1000mg (1 tablet).

Types of HMB


This is the HMB option in free acid form, not from the calcium salt.

HMB supplement buy in capsule, liquid or powder form

We have already seen the three ways to buy HMB. At HSN you have all of them available, with the powder format being a perfect and more versatile option, as its recommended amount of intake allows you to dose it comfortably.

Browse our full catalogue, choose between tablet or capsule, powder or liquid, add it to your shopping cart and complete your order. You will receive directly from the HSN factory, with free shipping on orders over 15.90€.

HMB capsules, liquid or powder
Certificates HSN

Benefits of buying HMB at HSN Store

Do you want to buy products with the highest development and manufacturing safety and quality seals and certifications? You are in the right online shop. HSN is not just a website to buy, it is a brand with its own factory that has been in the sports nutrition and healthy eating market for more than a decade.

In addition, among other things, it has IFS Food certification, being the first and only brand in Spain with its own factory and with such a wide variety of different products.

As a recommendation, HSN would like to recommend this product for you to try, if you have not already done so:

EVOHMB 1000mg

EVOHMB 1000mg

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6.90 €
2.83 €!

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HMB has become a product consumed by practitioners of different sports, who have introduced its intake along with other common supplements in their goals of increasing muscle mass and improving protein synthesis.

The beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate is a non-essential organic acid, but nevertheless, athletes use it as a food supplement during periods of high training load.

From HSN we recommend consulting a sports nutrition specialist before taking it, who will be the one to offer you the best recommendations according to your goals and needs.

It should not present any contraindications or side effects, being a product of normal metabolism, water-soluble and whose excess can be excreted in the urine.

Our recommendation is that you always follow the forms of use established by the manufacturer, its daily doses, consulting with a specialist in sports nutrition before taking it.

If you're still lacking reasons to buy your HMB item from HSN, we can only add that we have the best brands to seal your purchase. Choose from SportSeries (Evohmb) and RawSeries (Pure HMB Powder) options and don't worry about which supplement you're taking.

Always the best raw materials to develop and manufacture our products.

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