Buy glutamine, the amino acid that is most present in muscles. Raw glutamine products or exclusive formulas:

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Why buy glutamine and what effect does it have on our body?

Do you know what glutamine is? Glutamine is an amino acid, but not just any amino acid. It’s the amino acid found in the greatest quantities in the various muscle groups.

It’s classified as a non-essential amino acid, which means our bodies are able to synthesise it by themselves through other substances present in the skeletal muscle, the lungs and even in the brain.

The substances or aminos that make up glutamine are: glutamate, branched-chain amino acids, aspartate, and asparagine.

Here you can learn more about glutamine. You’ll find a wide variety of glutamine options and formats in our catalogue, but with one thing in common: they’re all raw products, without any added ingredients or additives.

One goal of the HSN website is to provide verified information so that our customers can place orders for any of our supplements without any doubts regarding data such as: recommended dosage, flavour, or item format (sachets, capsules, powder).

Table of contents

What is glutamine for?

Glutamine is the amino acid that is found in the greatest quantity in our organism, reaching 60% of other amino acids in our system. In this sense, due to its high concentration, particularly in the muscles, it is a very important substance for all those who practise sport professionally or on a daily basis.

What type of glutamine to buy?

HSN customers can choose between different glutamine products.


RawSeries offers you three pure glutamine products:

  • L-Glutamine Powder, 100% L-glutamine from vegetable fermentation.
  • Glutamine Powder, with Kyowa Quality® raw material.
  • Glutamine Peptides Powder based on hydrolysed wheat protein.

Combination of glutamine with BCAAs

They are perfect supplements for athletes, as branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs are one of the substances that help the body to synthesise glutamine.

Among all the categories in our online shop you will find all the necessary information about formulas, dosages, functions and other data that will facilitate the purchase of the glutamine you are looking for.

Among all the categories in our online shop you will find all the necessary information about formulas, dosages, functions and other data that will facilitate the purchase of the glutamine you are looking for.

When to take Glutamine?

In the case of athletes, sports nutrition and physical preparation professionals recommend taking it periodically during heavy training sessions throughout the sports season.

It can be taken before, during or after exercise sessions, mixed with other supplements or foods such as protein shakes. Hence, the most advisable format is in powder form and as a raw product.

Take glutamine in powder, tablet or capsule form choose the format that suits you best

Glutamine is most commonly found in all three formats: powder, tablets and capsules, although for mixing with other supplements, powder is the most recommended format.

The second option is to buy combinations of L-glutamine with other ingredients in food supplement formulas.

Browse the full HSN catalogue and add items to your cart. Close your purchase, take advantage of the best offers and promotions.

Which people cannot take it?

As it occurs naturally in our system, it is a completely safe supplement, especially when taken in the recommended amounts and doses.

However, glutamine products can affect the way your body processes other amino acids.

Not to be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding. It should also be avoided by people who are sensitive to glutamate.

Benefits of buying glutamine from HSN Store

Buying glutamine from HSN is the best option because of the number of advantages for you: price, discounts, promotions, offers, factory direct purchase; but also because of the safety and quality in manufacturing that the brand offers you, as well as the assured use of the best raw materials on the market for the development of the products and the fast delivery of orders after purchase.

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Frequently asked questions about glutamine

All products have their own best-before date indicated on their packaging. In addition, once the best-before date has passed, the products have a full expiry date.

Our recommendation, as with every product or food supplement, is to follow the manufacturer's consumption instructions. Taking high amounts over a long period of time may have various contraindications or side effects, so you should take specialist advice.

Consult with sports nutritionists before taking glutamine products, as they are the best people to give you the best advice based on your workouts, routines and goals.