VIP Customers Program

In HSN we reward our best customers with exclusive benefits and services, offering them the opportunity to become VIP customers.

Advantages of being a VIP customer

  • Access to exclusive prices on a wide variety of products.
  • Access to private promotions.
  • Participation in special giveaways - only for VIP customers.
  • Access to unique products.
  • In addition, you accumulate 1% of your total purchases in HSN points.

Requirements to become a VIP customer

Place orders for a value of €300 within 3 months or less.

As soon as you have completed and delivered orders worth €300 or more within a period of less than 3 months, the VIP customer rate will be activated.

Maintain VIP Customer status

Once you are a VIP customer, you will remain as such for as long as the purchase amount of the last 3 months is €300. Every time you place an order, the system will check the last 3 months of purchases to assign you the status.