VIP Customers

In HSN we reward our best customers with benefits and exclusive services, offering them the opportunity to become VIP customers.

Advantages of being a VIP customer

  • Access to exclusive prices on a wide variety of products.
  • Access to private promotions.
  • Participation in special prize draws - only for VIP customers.
  • Access to unique products.
  • In addition, you accumulate 1 per cent of your total purchases in HSN points.

Requirements for becoming a VIP customer

To become a VIP customer, purchases to the value of a minimum of €300 within a period of three months (or less) are required.

When purchases of this total value have been delivered, your VIP status and tariff will be activated.

Maintaining VIP status

Once you are a VIP customer, this status is maintained while your purchases during the last three months total €300 or more. Each time you order, the system will check your ordering activity and assign the status.