HSN Savings Plan

Get the HSN Savings Plan and enjoy exclusive discounts during 1 or 3 years, it's your choice!

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What is HSN's Savings Plan?

In order to continue saving and enjoying the best sports nutrition and healthy food products at unbeatable prices, we have created the savings plan for you to get an additional 3% discount on your purchases.

This discount will be applied as long as you have active your savings plan and you will see it shown in your shopping cart.

Frequent Questions

To start enjoying the extra discount on your orders, all you have to do is buy one of the plans we propose below; you will have the option to purchase the HSN Savings Plan in your shopping cart. Buy the plan once and enjoy this special discount for 1 or 3 years. What are you waiting for?

Activate your Savings Plan for only:

  • 3,99€ - 1 Year
  • 5,99€ - 3 Years

You will get an extra fixed discount of 3% on your orders!

The average saving for our customers will be 39€.

With just a single initial payment of the savings plan, you will get an extra fixed discount on every order.

No, there will be no automatic renewal at the end of the 1 or 3 year period of your subscription, you decide if you want to benefit from the discounts for an additional period of time. We guarantee it!

On every order you will see the discount you will get extra for subscribing to the savings plan, all are advantages!

No, the HSN Savings Plan is not available if you select the cash on delivery or bank transfer payment method.

The 3% discount on the Savings Plan is in addition to any other discount on the website; it is also in addition to the use of coupons or HSN points.

The 3% discount of the Savings Plan is applied to the price after discounts available at the time of each purchase.

From the moment you add the savings plan to your cart, the 3% discount is already applied to your order.