Triathlon: The 3 Indispensable Supplements (II)

Triathlon: The 3 Indispensable Supplements (II)

In this beginners’ guide to everything related to the Triathlon that we’re doing this summer, today we’ve got a very interesting post in which we’re going to deal with the subject of supplementation. As we always say, you can have a good performance with a good nutrition, but thanks to supplementation you can improve this even more, and that’s why today we’re going to talk about the three indispensable supplements (there are many more that we will talk about later) for triathlon:

  • Bcaas
  • Glutamine
  • Multivitamin

BCAAs (essential branched chain amino acids)

BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, are amino acids that help us activate the mTOR pathway (a serine-threonine directed protein kinase responsible for hypertrophic growth, protein synthesis and tissue morphogenesis) helping to mitigate muscle catabolism and to have a better protein synthesis when we’re trying to increase our muscle mass.

It’s a very useful supplement when we want to lose fat or gain muscle, but it’s also excellent for muscle recovery, and can even help give us more energy during training, so it’s ideal for long cycles or runs. For more information, you can click on the following button:


If our diet is balanced and we eat vegetables, lean meat, white fish, oily fish, nuts, legumes, cereals… we will generally not need multivitamins, but the need for micronutrients depends not only on the diet, but also on the intensity of the training we’re doing, and in our case, our training will be very demanding.

Multivitamins, fulfil this mission perfectly, as in addition to being easy to take, they supply the body with the vitamins and minerals we may need or that we may be lacking, so that it can function optimally. As a rule, these formulas are realistically designed to meet the needs of hard-training athletes, and few sports are as hardcore as triathlon.

Triathlon physical stress

The triathlon requires great physical effort, and to have adequate tissue repair and recovery, a great amount of vitamins and minerals is required, which participate in the synthesis of new cells and tissues. We also need to take into account that micronutrients are lost when we sweat, and that that these elements have great antioxidant capacity, ideal to counteract the large amounts of free radicals generated through training (these delay recovery and significantly damage cells and organs).

It should be noted that when we speak of a multivitamin compound, we refer to both vitamins and minerals. We’ll leave these two buttons for you to find out more about this supplement:

Why Do Sportspeople Need Multivitamins? Vitamin B in sport


Glutamine is an amino acid considered conditionally essential, that is, in certain situations its presence becomes essential, as in periods of calorie deficits, intense and prolonged exercise, and even with physical damage. Around 60% of the total skeletal muscle tissue is formed by glutamine, and it’s the amino acid that presents the greatest number of physiological functions, in fact if the organism demands it, it can even convert it into glucose.

The most important functions of glutamine are:

  • Aids muscle growth,
  • Minimises muscle catabolism, and
  • Boosts the immune system.

Furthermore, as it’s an excellent regulator in the creation of muscle tissue and intervenes in the accumulation of muscle glycogen, it’s ideal for the recovery of the triathlete after training.

Triathlon running

So, by supplementing with glutamine we’ll see ourselves recovering in the most optimal way possible, lowering muscle catabolism during exercise, increasing endurance (by helping to recharge glycogen stores under circumstances of near-depleted stores, as happens in triathlon) and also helping to prevent over-training (very common in triathlon due to a high exercise load and duration)

For more information on this supplement, we’ll leave you these three links to our blog entries about Glutamine:

Glutamine How to take it

Quality-price recommendations

We recommend two products that contain just what you need to start the triathlon: EVOBCAAs (these are BCAAS + Glutamine), ideal as an intra-training drink,and pre and post training; and EVOVITS (made up of multivitamins and minerals.

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BCAA - 100%

Multivitamins - 100%

Glutamine - 100%

Quality-Price - 100%


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