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Hydrolysed Whey Protein (HWP) is characterised from the rest of the proteins that exist at a molecular level: they are hydrolysed, that is, they have been subjected to a process of hydrolysis or molecular segmentation through which the result would be a pre-digested protein with a high concentration of peptides.

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What is hydrolysed whey protein, or HPW?

This manufacturing technique "mimics" the digestion process that would take place in our stomach if we consumed a solid protein source, or even whey.

Hydrolysed whey protein is a pure protein free of fat and sugar, ideal for a pre and/or post-training protein boost, without producing any stomach upset.

Thanks to this advanced processing, a protein with a number of benefits is obtained, such as:

  • Greater assimilation speed.
  • Fully digestible by anyone.
  • With nutritional content that supports the synthesis of protein.
How does our body absorb protein

How does our body absorb protein?

All proteins are made up of chains of amino acid bonds. These links are formed by the union of two or more amino acids, having therefore: di- or tri- peptides, or tetra or oligo- peptides.

When our digestive system receives protein, from any source, it must first proceed with the segmentation or fractioning of these amino acid bonds that form the proteins through the corresponding enzymatic secretion, to then reach the absorption phase and from there transport to the tissues of the whole body, through blood flow.

The way our body absorbs proteins is through peptides at the intestinal level, specifically di- and tripeptides.

Therefore, hydrolysed proteins are thought to be the most effective in terms of absorption.

Types of hydrolysed whey protein

The types of hydrolysed whey protein result from the protein source from which the hydrolysis process is carried out, in this case, we can highlight:

  • Hydrolysed whey concentrate proteins.
  • From whey isolate.
  • From casein.

As hydrolysis is a method of predigestion, the next variable is to obtain the source on which it is processed. In line with this explanation, it can be stated that hydrolysates, from a concentrate or isolate, will continue to provide the same characteristics:

  • Percentage of protein.
  • Lactose and fat quantity.
  • Protein fraction spectrum.

The third indicative point will be the degree of hydrolysis, i.e. the concentration of predigested peptides in the total protein.

The greater the degree of hydrolysis, the faster the speed of absorption.

Protein fractions in hydrolysed protein

When the protein source from which the hydrolysate is subsequently obtained contains a high level of bioactive peptides or protein fractions, we can enjoy the benefits they provide.

A denatured protein is one that has not been subjected to certain processes, such as ion exchange and the use of chemical agents, or subjected to high temperatures, and which alters its molecular structure, degrading the protein fractions.

The best option will always be to opt for proteins that are not processed as above, and thus acquire a hydrolysed protein that has the characteristics of enhancing human health.

muscle mass maintenance


bone maintenance


muscle mass growth


These protein fractions are:


Does hydrolysed whey protein stimulate protein synthesis?

Due to the rapid absorption of hydrolysed whey protein, it will cause a rapid rise in the total amino acids in the bloodstream, which is known as hyperaminoacidemia, the main benefit being the stimulation of protein synthesis.

The aminogram profile of Hydrolysed Whey Protein tends to be rich in EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).

Complete proteins are those that provide the entire spectrum of amino acids, both essential and non-essential, without any deficit in them, so that the body has the right material for building and regenerating tissues. Within BCAAs, there is the amino acid L-leucine, whose importance lies in its ability to stimulate protein synthesis through a metabolic pathway known as mTOR.

protein synthesis

Benefits of Hydrolysed Whey Protein

Among the main properties of the Hydrolysed Whey Protein are:

This capacity is intrinsic to hydrolysed proteins, and perfectly fulfils the role of providing protein before and/or after training, without producing any stomach discomfort, with rapid gastric emptying, and allowing the person to eat successive meals effectively.

Another characteristic of certain WPH, especially if they come from Whey Protein Isolate, is that lactose intolerant people can benefit from this product without complications, as the lactose content of our EvoHydro 2.0 and other hydrolysed proteins is non-existent, which ensures optimal digestion and subsequent absorption of the amino acids, avoiding intolerance to this disaccharide.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein allows our bloodstream to be flooded with amino acids faster than any other source, thus changing the state of catabolism to anabolism, also known as nitrogen balance. This phase is positive, or conducive to protein synthesis, when there is a higher rate of amino acids than those that are degraded.

Following on from the previous point, we can conclude that if our energy capacity is improved (muscular energy support), recovery will also be more favourable. Moreover, athletic performance and the benefit of each training session will be even more effective, as protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle tissue.

Whey protein makes it easier for us to increase our protein intake, displacing other more caloric or undesirable foods from our diet and helping us to eat less in general.

How to take it?

Hydrolysed Whey Protein contributes to your daily protein requirements, and given its properties, the most recommended times are:

protein fasting


protein before training


protein after training


It is recommended to follow the same indications given for the other proteins: do not exceed the recommended dose, and try to lead a healthy and sporty lifestyle with a balanced diet.

What can I combine hydrolysed whey protein with?

To avoid losing the properties achieved by the hydrolysed process as much as possible, which would be to mix or combine Hydrolysed Protein with, for example, a carbohydrate source, and to delay gastric emptying, the best thing to do would be to: consume the carbohydrates during training or physical activity, and then at the end, or even pre-workout, consume the Hydrolysed Whey Protein. On the other hand, if combining Hydrolysed Protein with foods that don't delay its absorption is also another feasible option:



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Glutamine Peptides


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Other types of Whey Protein

In addition to whey protein hydrolysates you can find whey protein isolates and concentrates.

Isolate proteins

Click here to find out about Whey Isolate.

Protein concentrate

More on Concentrateshere.

Where can I buy hydrolysed proteins?

At HSN you can find Whey Hydrolysed Proteins.