Post-Workout and Recovery

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Buy Post-Workout for Muscle Recovery

Are you looking to buy post-workout products because you have heard or been told that it can boost your recovery after your most demanding training sessions, routines or competitions?

Here,  we want to clear up your doubts about what its key functions are for the muscles, and which one may be the most suitable for you. Take note and visit the complete HSN recovery category, where you’ll be able to products buy at the best prices with a range of unique and daily discounts.

Table of contents

What is a post-workout supplement?

What does post-workout really mean? Post-workout is the time immediately after completing physical training. It is the third part of a period known as Peri-training or Peri-workouts which are comprised of:

  • Pre-Workout.
  • Intra-Workout.
  • Post-Workout.

Post-workout is only important on actual training or competition days. Adding some post-workout supplements can provide enhanced results when it comes to our ability to recover,  as well as making them most of our training stimulus.

Post-workout supplement

What are post-workout muscle recovery products for

It is important to bear in mind that the most significant reason for taking this type of product is for efficiency when it comes to the intake of nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, amino acids... It should also be noted that it is important to take it at the end of the sporting activity to provide the athlete with the optimal nutrients to improve and accelerate muscle recovery.

What are post-workout muscle recovery products for

It is important to bear in mind that the most significant reason for taking this type of product is for efficiency when it comes to the intake of nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, amino acids... It should also be noted that it is important to take it at the end of the sporting activity to provide the athlete with the optimal nutrients to improve and accelerate muscle recovery.

Types of post-workout and reasons for taking them

These are post supplements that may have a different formula model for athletes, but all with the function of improving the recovery of muscle mass as the main objective.

Whey Protein

Whey protein

If we take as a sample the best supplement for recovery: Evorecovery by SportSeries, in its composition we find post-workout hydrolysed whey protein, which will support the maintenance of muscle mass, important after the completion of workouts.

It is considered the first of a series of essential nutrients that must be included in recovery supplements.



Not all post-workout products contain creatine in their formulation. Check the complete list of recovery products in the HSN website catalogue, if you are looking for a recovery product containing creatine.

You can choose to complete your supplementation routine with creatine monohydrate, which you can find in our online shop.



As with creatine, taurine is not always included in recovery products. Taurine, together with glutamine, is one of the substances you’ll already find in the largest quantities in the body.



Recovery formulas feature three amino acids that make up BCAAs: leucine, valine and isoleucine.

You can complete your muscle recovery routine by including supplement products rich in BCAAs, with the goal of greater nutrient intake after your routine.

Fast release carbohydrates

Fast release carbohydrates

This nutrient, the second of the basic nutrients in these products, contributes to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after high intensity or long duration physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and depletion of stored glycogen in skeletal muscles.

Evorecovery combines fast, medium and slow release carbohydrates to maximise recovery characteristics.

Other basic nutrients in any post-workout recovery supplement are: minerals (electrolytes), supplementing the nutritional values, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Why take post-workout supplements?

Post-training nutrition contains several nutrient complexes specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes.

Post gym nutrition is particularly important as it can amplify and improve the following terms:

  • Carbohydrates that contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after high-intensity physical exercise.
  • Proteins that help maintain muscle mass.
  • Calcium contributes to the normal functioning of neurotransmission.
  • Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance.

The aspects that a good post-training can provide are linked to achieving optimal muscle recovery, which will help us to absorb the new stimuli, transferring them to the chosen terrain: aesthetics, gaining strength, reducing running times...

Why take post-training

What is the composition of post-workout supplements?

It will depend on the option you opt for when buying, but the basis of its composition will be practically the same, the difference will be found in the quantities and R+D+i studies that each brand has invested in.

Composition of post-workout supplements

If we look at Evorecovery by HSN as an example, you’ll find a range of ingredients that make this one of the top products for athletes, due to its use of the highest quality raw materials and utmost quality standards:

  • Fast, medium and slow-release carbohydrates 
  • Proteins, from whey hydrolysate, which will improve the absorption and digestion process.
  • Electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
  • Amino acids.

What is the best way to take post-workout supplements?

Take it as a shake mixed with water minutes after training or competition to replenish your energy reserves.

You can choose from the different flavours available, to suit your taste, but with the aim of improving your muscle recovery.

Best way to consume post-workout supplements

What foods can i combine with my post-workout supplements?

Our recommendation is to drink the recovery shake as it contains relevant nutrients for consumption in the post-workout period. Adding any other food slows down the digestion and absorption of the shake. Therefore, drink your recovery shake and wait at least 45-60min to have a meal or add a snack as part of your diet.

Foods to accompany post-workout

How can i buy the best post-workout supplements for me?

This type of item is recommended for high intensity exercisers to restore optimal nutritional levels of minerals and electrolytes, as well as improved muscle recovery through carbohydrate consumption.

How to buy the best post workout for you
Why buy post-workout supplements from hsnstore

Why buy post-workout supplements at HSNStore?

HSN invests in R&D&i in order to develop the most complete food supplements on the market, selecting the best raw materials and manufacturing under the highest quality standards.

Access Evorecovery by SportSeries, add the product to your basket in your favourite flavour (4 to choose from), in 500g or 2kg format, and buy at the best price.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

The objective or effect attributed to the proteins in a recovery product is not to gain muscle, but to nutritionally and physically recover the athlete after high-intensity training or competitions. If you are looking to gain muscle, you should opt for other supplements such as mass gainer, such as our Evomass 2.0 (Mass Gainer).

We recommend taking directly after training with water. As always, we recommend consulting the manufacturer's product data sheet.

They are those that include all the recommended ingredients: fast-absorbing protein, carbohydrates, and mineral salts.

Recovery supplements include protein in their formulations, mostly whey protein. They include this nutrient because protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, in the case of Evorecovery, they include magnesium (which contributes to electrolyte balance), calcium and potassium (which contributes to normal muscle function).

Certain B vitamins support normal energy metabolism and help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. In addition, vitamins C and E act as antioxidants.

One Evorecovery recovery shake by HSN provides you with 28g of hydrolysed protein, an amount that fits into the diet of sportsmen and athletes.