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Buy Egg Albumin Protein: Gain and maintain muscle mass

At HSN, we are leaders in Sport nutrition and Healthy Eating. We offer the best egg albumin, egg white and whole egg powder formulas in our SportSeries (focused on sports supplementation) and FoodSeries (healthy eating) lines to help you reach your goals.

They come with the best prices, 100% secure payment, and free shipping on purchases over €15.90.

Table of contents

What is Egg Albumin Protein and what is it for?

Egg albumin is a type of protein obtained from egg white that provides the 9 essential amino acids the body can’t produce by itself.

Egg albumin contains quality, fat and cholesterol-free protein that’s low in sugar.

Egg albumin protein is an excellent ally for athletes as it provides a fat-free protein that’s low in sugar. It’s in high demand for people on muscle-building diets.

Including an albumin supplement in your nutritional plan is essential if you’re looking to build muscle or maintain in in a weight loss phase.

Egg Albumin Protein
Take Egg Albumin Protein

Why take Egg Albumin Protein?

Egg protein has a high biological value.

With egg albumin protein, you get the most out of the protein without consuming the fat, as the fat is present in the yolk and the albumin is protein from the egg white, and cholesterol-free.

Egg white by HSN are a perfect food for muscle development due to their high protein content. It is therefore the ideal support for long and intense workouts and you can eat it before or after training to enrich your diet.

Who is Egg Protein suitable for?

balanced diet

For anyone who is looking for healthy eating and a balanced diet.

lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

People following a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet.

gluten and lactose intolerances

People with gluten and lactose intolerances.


Performance or aesthetic athletes.

Characteristics of Egg Albumin Protein by HSN

Egg white protein:

  • Contains the 9 Essential Amino Acids: L-leucine*, L-lysine, L-isoleucine*, L-valine*, L-threonine, L-histidine, L-methionine, L-phenylalanine, L-tryptophan. * Branched Amino Acids or BCAAs.
  • Fat-free, sugar-free and lactose-free.
  • Our freeze-dried egg protein has a high biological quality thanks to its manufacturing process.
  • It’s rich in leucine, lysine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, histidine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.
  • It also supports hypertrophy and muscle growth.
  • Suitable for vegetarians, lactose intolerant and coeliacs.
Characteristics of Egg Albumin Protein

What Egg Albumin Protein flavours are there?

Taste does matter, and a lot. If you like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, try Evoegg 2.0 (Egg Albumin). A delicious way to enjoy your muscle gain process.

How do you take Egg Albumin Protein?

It’s best to egg albumin products that have been heat-treated by freeze-drying (for liquid egg whites) or pasteurised. This removes the risk of them containing dangerous micro-organisms.

Including it in your diet is easier than you think:

You can enjoy egg albumin protein in your favourite shakes, smoothies, smoothies, juices...

You can even bring out your inner chef and use this high-quality ingredient to make some delicious pastry recipes for your fitness diet: pancakes, meringues with liquid egg whites, protein cakes, biscuits or muffins and combine with our instant oat flour and our delicious syrups.

You can also buy Breakfast Pancakes Pack.

Make sure to share your recipes and tag us on Instagram!

Take Egg Albumin Protein

What is the best Egg White Proteins supplement according to experts?

A number of factors need to be taken into consideration: nutritional value, texture, flavour, format... Two great options as SportSeries Evoegg 2.0 egg albumin powder or Egg Albumin Powder by FoodSeries, available in 500g and 2kg formats, which both come with reports of the product’s protein and amino acid content.

Best Egg White Proteins supplement
Buy Egg Albumin Protein

Why buy Egg Albumin Protein at HSNstore?

We’re the first brand in Spain with our own IFS Food certified factory and pharmaceutical facilities. This isn’t required for food manufacturing, but it guarantees safety, no cross-contamination of allergens, and maximum quality in all processes, using the best raw materials.

Frequently asked questions

Still left with any unanswered questions about egg albumin protein? Ask our expert staff via email and they’ll reply as soon as possible.

Egg albumin is a protein-rich food that promotes muscle mass gain.

Egg white, or ovalbumin, contains a high percentage of protein. It’s obtained by separating it from the yolk. Laboratories process it to remove the water and fat and keep the protein intact.

It is then turned into a powder (dehydrated) so that it can be reconstituted by the end customer as and when needed. It also comes in liquid format, just like when we separate the white form the yoke ourselves.

Like other food preparations, there is no maximum daily dose.

According to various nutritionists and dieticians, the recommended daily intake varies according to an individual’s nutritional requirements.

In general terms, it is recommended to take 1 serving of the powdered product per serving, taking as many servings as necessary throughout the day; or in the case of liquid egg whites, add as needed (around 100-200ml is the most usual).

Remember to consult your nutritionist about how much you should be taking daily to achieve your training goals.

Egg protein is of animal origin because it comes from poultry egg, meaning it’s suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

At HSN, we use free-range chickens, protected by the Animal Health and Welfare Technical Commission (AHAW), which ensures that they’re well-fed and free of stress, pain and fear.

Egg albumin protein has a high biological value, is of animal origin, and also contains all the essential amino acids.Unlike whey protein, which contains lactose, egg albumin is both lactose and fat free and generally cheaper.

Egg protein can enhance the value of other protein sources, so it’s great to use in combination with whey protein.

It doesn’t matter whether you take egg albumin protein as part of a meal before or after your sessions.

Egg albumin protein can be taken at any time of the day: for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a snack, and before and/or after training.

It works great in all kinds of baking recipes (flans, cakes, pies, pancakes, meringues, etc.).

There is no problem in consuming egg albumin protein every day.

People with kidney, liver, or gastric problems should follow the recommendations of a health care professional or dietitian.

Ask a nutritionist to find out the perfect intake amount according to your specific nutritional needs.