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Buy Weight Gainers Online. When to take them?

Are you looking to gain weight as part of your sporting or workout goals? Training within a volume stage is a basic step, but also includes an appropriate diet, designed to support that specific exercise.

In order to help achieve this, there are a series of supplements rich in macronutrients that will help you in your goal of building muscle mass: known as weight gainers or mass gainers.

Table of contents

What is a Weight Gainer or Mass Gainer and what is it for?

Muscle gainers or mass gainers is a food preparation made up of a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that provide a high amount of calories.

This caloric intake, within the different options on offer, can range from 300 to 1,200 calories per serving, depending on the quantity of product and brand used.

We recommend that you browse the different categories on our website to see all the articles we’ve posted for you before you complete your orders and that way you’ll make sure you buy the supplements that best suit your needs.

What a weight gainer is for

What types of people are Weight Gainers suitable for?

It is intended for anyone who is aiming to gain weight because, despite having a complete diet, they are not getting the optimum levels of nutrients and need a little extra.

Also for all athletes who train intensively on a daily basis, where mass gainers are an extra source of energy.

What kinds of Weight Gainers can you find at

The best in the sports nutrition market, featuring HSN’s seal of maximum guarantee.

You’ll find products featuring formulas to gain weight, such as Evomass 2.0 (also in a vegan version), but also healthy foods with a high nutritional value, such as Rice Cream from our FoodSeries.

Finally, when it comes to options like the keto diet, you’ll find our new Keto Fuel by KetoSeries, a formula to gain weight while following the keto diet.

types of weight gainers

When should i take Weight Gainers?

Ideally, if your goal is to gain body weight, take your gainer with water or milk after training. The mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fats that the usual formula of this type of product contains will help you in your goal of gaining muscle mass and weight. In addition, its protein content will support the recovery of your muscle fibers.

When should i take Weight Gainers?

Ideally, if your goal is to gain body weight, take your gainer with water or milk after training. The mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fats that the usual formula of this type of product contains will help you in your goal of gaining muscle mass and weight. In addition, its protein content will support the recovery of your muscle fibers.

Why take Weight Gainers?

These types of supplements feature a vast range of advantages, since in addition to being easy to prepare, they can provide you with that extra macronutrients that will help you meet the goal of gaining body weight.

It’s essential to combine your intake with high intensity exercise targeted at gaining muscle.

What is the composition of Weight Gainer products?

They are mainly composed of carbohydrates and whey proteins.

If we take Evomass 2.0 by HSN SportSeries, as an example, the product provides you with up to 58g of carbohydrates per serving (maltodextrin and oatmeal), in addition to 29g of concentrated whey protein, together with 4.6g of fats (3.5g saturated) for absorption.

The revolutionary weight gainer in the KetoSeries line, meanwhile, provides 16g of whey protein concentrate, 23g of fat (21g saturated) and only 6.9g of carbohydrates.

Weight gainers composition

What is the best way to take Weight Gainers?

To establish which muscle mass gainer is the most suitable for you, you must first establish the number of calories you need on a daily basis, as well as the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In this way, it will be much easier for you to know which type of gainer is the most suitable for you.

A good option is to create your own muscle mass gainer supplement, so you can prepare a shake by adjusting the amounts of macronutrients you need. To create it, you can choose a protein source or mix several, and also add carbohydrates.

In this way, you can include your weight gainer in your daily supplement routine, as you do with: creatine, glutamine, post-workout products or minerals and other nutrients.

Best way to consume weight gainers
Effects of taking weight gainers

What are the long-term effects of taking Weight Gainers?

The only effect that you will find with the intake of this type of product over long periods of time is increased muscle mass.

Why buy Weight Gainers at HSNstore?

At HSN, you’ll find the best prices on the market, thanks to the fact that we develop and manufacture our own products, thereby controlling the entire process.

All our products are made using the best raw materials, under the highest quality standards.

Best prices HSNstore

Best Prices on the Market

Raw materials HSNstore

Best Raw Materials

HSNstore direct from the factory

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Maximum Quality Standards HSNstore

Maximum Quality Standards

What is the most effective Weight Gainer in our store?

One of the best weight gainers you'll find at HSNstore is SportSeries Evomass 2.0. As we mentioned, it is a food that combines carbohydrates and proteins, perfect if your goal is to increase your weight.

Do you follow a vegan diet? This need not hold you back. Our team carefully developed the Evomass 2.0 Vegan formula. The source of carbohydrates used is hydrolysed rice flour, while the proteins come from a mixture of different sources such as peas, soy beans and rice, striving to achieve optimal nutritional value.

Effectiveness weight gainer
Keto and cream of rice weight gainer

Here at HSN, we constantly strive to adapt to the specific needs of our customers, which is why we’ve included two other products designed for gaining muscle mass: KetoSeries Keto Fuel Weight Gainer, specifically for people following a keto diet.

Finally, novel Cream of Rice by FoodSeries will be a food that will help you in your weight gain goal, providing extra calories from a complex carbohydrate.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

If your sporting goal is to increase your muscle weight, taking a weight gainer will be key to achieving it. Be aware that this is nothing more than a high-carbohydrate, high-protein food preparation that provides extra nutrients to your diet.

The main difference is the caloric intake, since the weight gainer contains a higher percentage of carbohydrates.

Protein shakes, on the other hand, mainly provide this macronutrient, with a comparatively low percentage of carbohydrates.

The intake of this type of product should be complementary to the volume diet or to gain muscle mass. In this way, you must be constant so that you can gradually see how your numbers on the scales go up.

The recommendation is that you allow yourself to be guided by specialists, both in nutrition and gym training, so that you can achieve your goal.

It will depend on the diet you follow along with the intake of mass gainer, as these products do not replace solid food, but are an extra for people who need a high calorie requirement.

At HSN we always offer each and every customer the best product found anywhere on the market. In the case of mass gainers, we offer 3 options: Evomass 2.0, Evomass 2.0 Vegan and Keto Fuel.

Browse our online store to check the compositions and ingredients of each of the products and choose the best weight gainer that suits your sports goals.

Yes, remember that this is not a muscle mass gainer supplement, but a food, mixing macronutrients such as carbohydrates and whey protein.