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Buy Slimming Creams online: Slim and shape your silhouette

Meeting your weight loss goals requires a healthy diet and daily physical exercise, as well as the guidance and recommendations of nutrition, diet and physical prep specialists.

But some products can help support fat loss too, such as anti-cellulite or slimming creams. At HSN, you’ll find both anti-cellulite and slimming creams to help you meet your goals.

Check out all our sports nutrition categories, including those focused on weight loss, at HSN online shop. Add items to your basket and purchase at the best prices on the market, always with discounts and free shipping with small minimum orders.

HSN slimming creams

Table of contents

What are Slimming Creams?

A slimming cream, such Evogel Fat Burning Gel by HSN SportSeries, is gel - cream that’s perfect for athletes in the cutting phase looking to improve their volume ratio or get a flat stomach. They’re suitable for both men and women.

Another purpose is to eliminate cellulite, common in all skin types and a result of the accumulation of adipose tissue or fat in certain areas of the body, usually the bum. Its treatment is essential to recover an attractive and toned appearance.

What are slimming creams
Effectiveness of slimming creams

Are Slimming and Anti-Cellulite creams really effective?

They’re not a miracle product. They need to be coupled with a healthy and balanced diet, as well as with sport and daily physical activity. If they’re not, the product will be significantly less effective.

As with any other nutritional or topical supplements for health and well-being, it’s also important to be consistent. You’re not going to notice any effects if you simply apply it on an isolated day. You should use the product periodically, to a set schedule, following manufacturer and expert guidelines. Being consistent, as you would with a balanced diet and exercise, is key to getting the results.

Why use Slimming Creams on your skin?

Evogel by HSN is a combination of natural extracts, including Corallina officinallisVitis vinífera and methyl nicotinate, together with carnitine and caffeine. This makes it a completely safe product, with vegan-friendly ingredients not tested on animals, unlike others on the market.

Slimming creams are a great aid for improving your figure, and they’re always rated highly in our online shop. Check out the Evogel by SportSeries product ratings to see for yourself!

Slimming creams on the skin
Apply slimming cream

How do you apply Slimming Cream?

A topical or slimming gel can be applied twice a day (morning and night), following manufacturer instructions. Massage the product onto the area until the product and its active ingredients are fully absorbed by the skin. Generally, it’ll take 30 seconds to 1 minute to massage into the skin. It’ll then start working its magic immediately.

After application, you’ll feel a warm sensation on the area: thighs, abdomen, hips, arms... Be consistent. In accordance with the brand’s instructions and recommendations, it’s a good idea to incorporate slimming creams into your daily supplement routine, at least during the weight or fat loss phase.

What to avoid when using anti-cellulite or slimming creams

We recommend following the product manufacturer’s exact recommendations. Likewise, make sure to take note of any advice from nutrition and dietetics experts — they know what they’re talking about when it comes to weight loss. Never use a supplement without first consulting a doctor or specialist in your field.

Errors in the use of slimming creams
Choosing slimming creams

How do i choose the best Slimming Cream for me?

Focus on the product ingredients. At HSN, we always source the best ingredients, natural compounds backed by rigorous studies and tests to ensure their effectiveness.

Our Evogel product is completely vegan, with red vine and red algae extracts. It has a heat-effect action thanks to its caffeine and carnitine content, but without irritating the skin before absorption.

Why buy Slimming Creams at HSNstore?

For price and quality, with HSN’s SportSeries Evogel Slimming Gel. It has natural, study-backed ingredients and a formula developed by our R&D&I team.

It’s also a product suitable for both men and women, who may be seeking different objectives in terms of improving their figure. Its natural ingredients make it suitable for everyone, no matter the goal.

natural ingredients
R+D+i team
product for men and women
different objectives

What’s the best slimming cream to get rid of cellulite?

Evogel by HSN is a great supplement for combatting cellulite.

What’s the best abdominal slimming cream?

Due to its unique composition and effects, Evogel stands out above the rest. 

Best slimming cream

Frequently asked questions

Our team of experts work to develop the best health, wellness and sports performance products on the market. They also help answer, along with our customer service team, all the questions we get sent through over email:

Yes, but as we mentioned, they’re not miracle products. It’s essential that you couple them with a healthy and balanced diet, containing all the nutrients your body needs, as well as daily exercise.

These creams will support your hard work by targeting a specific area, like a body oil does when moisturising the skin. Helping get rid of cellulite, for example.

Like all supplements, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, which you’ll find on the product itself or on their website. There is no miracle product. You should use the cream for the recommended amount of time and couple it with healthy lifestyle habits.

Follow any and all guidance from experts and health professionals. If you use the product and notice any side effects, even if the product is safe, stop using it and consult your doctor.

No, slimming creams simply support the daily work you need to do to get the results: exercise, healthy eating and healthy living.

Are you guilty of mixing creams? Don’t worry about it. All HSN slimming treatments can be combined with other moisturising creams for synergy and greater results.