Bio Series
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Bio Series

BioSeries is the 100% natural range by HSN, and our products are made with ingredients sourced from organic agriculture, finding the highest quality organic products on the market, additive free.
You’ll love all our products, like our 100% organic gluten-free peanut butter – it’s to die for! And its flavour is irresistible.

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Where will I find in the BioSeries range?

In BioSeries you’ll find products made with ingredients that have been farmed under controlled conditions: non-genetically modified foods, cultivated without pesticides, or antibiotics. With a flavour that is 100% natural.

We guarantee the origin of every product in the BioSeries range!

Use our products to add some flavour to your keep-fit recipes!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefit from the effects of our 100% organic and natural gluten-free coconut oil. A naturally extracted oil, unrefined, with medium-chain triglycerides that have been shown to effective in fat loss and energy production.

Our organic coconut oil is ideal for cooking, as the structure of its fatty acids withstand heat much better than other oils, avoiding the production of volatile elements that can damage our health and alter the taste of the product.

You can use our organic virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser on your skin and in your hair. Thanks to its fat content, it nourishes your skin in a healthy way, without colourants, or any other chemical adulterant. Enjoy its natural flavour!

¡ Enjoy the natural coconut oil in our BioSeries range!

Organic Peanut Butter

A classic! Our bio-version peanut butter is 100% natural, meaning that during its cultivation the plant has not been treated with chemical products, such as pesticides. And it’s 100% gluten-free!

You’ll find nothing but 100% organic peanuts in our organic peanut butter: no colourants, no conservatives, no artificial flavours; everything natural and with maximum flavour!

Logo orgánico UE

Look for the label that assures the organic production of our products. This image is the European Union’s accreditation of control and quality, used to certify the natural origin of the products cultivated under the principals of organic production and regulated by public authorities.

Maximum quality guaranteed!

Certified healthy nutrition

Various scientific sources report that organic foods contain a higher nutritional density than their counterparts not cultivated under the principals of organic production certified by the European Union. Because of this, organic foods are 100% healthy, and have the greatest flavour.

In our bio-products, you’ll find foods with greater nutritional value: better fat profiles, with polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as Omega-3 content, which are a type of fatty acids known for their anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties. All without any added ingredients outside of the organic food itself!

A quality and healthy diet with HSN products!

All that you need, always at HSN

All HSN products contain their nutritional information: both on the label and our website.

We extensively detail the source of the ingredients used in our products, as well as their nutritional quantities, determined through a rigorous analysis of their nutritional profile, meaning you can be guaranteed you’ll know exactly what your buying and consuming.

In the product description you’ll find all the information you’ll need – presented simply and concisely, with no detours!

And if you want even more help: on the HSN blog you’ll find an extensive range of articles written by our top experts in sports nutrition and health improvement, to help you maintain a more healthy lifestyle, feel better in yourself, and live with more vitality.

HSN quality guarantee in the BioSeries range

At HSN we don’t mess around, we look after your health!

Foods in our BioSeries range are made under 100% controlled processes at all stages of production, meaning we can ensure the highest-quality content of each and every one.

Our factory has been certified by international organisations that accredit good manufacturing processes (GMP), good weighted practice with ingredients (GWP), hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), and ISO8 class cleaning classification.

All this so that you can buy everything you, without worry. We take care of everything!

Shipping and purchasing from HSN

Buying HSN products couldn’t be easier!

All you need to do is select the products you like, and add them to your shopping cart!.

The order is process is smooth, fast and intuitive. Choose your preferred payment method: cash on delivery, by debit card, through paypal, or pay in small instalments in a comfortable and safe way!

Receive HSN points on your account after every order, which you can redeem on products and discounts on your next purchase.

Enjoy your purchase with little wait! Orders are processed with express delivery, and in 24 hours they’ll arrive at your home. And if it’s over €15.90, it’s free!

BioSeries has the highest-quality products, made especially for healthy nutrition and dietics, 100% natural, chemical-free, and which respecting biodiversity!