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Flavour Series

FlavourSeries is the perfect range of products for those who want to enjoy a wide variety of flavours in their supplements and foods.

Using the flavouring products of this new HSN brand, you can add whichever flavour you want to the "unflavoured" products from any of our lines.

Add flavour your neutral-flavoured supplements without any extra sugar – enjoy every last sip!

Table of contents

What will I find in the FlavourSeries range?

FlavourSeries brings together a palette of flavours for you to use to make any unflavoured product more enjoyable.

Choose from countless delicious flavours, all sugar-free.

We've developed three different lines of flavourings: for dairy protein, for plant protein, and for sports drinks/amino acids. They're designed specifically for each type of preparation as you can't flavour an amino acid preparation (which has a very characteristic flavour in its neutral version) the same way you flavour a protein.

These flavourings are particularly well-suited to the preparations discussed in each product line, although they can be used with almost any food or supplement.

This means you can buy your usual protein or supplement in its "raw" format and enjoy in a different flavour every day.

What flavour do you feel like today? You have a lot of options!

FlavourSeries product characteristics

The FlavourSeries products have some very interesting features:

  •  <6g per take.
  •  <10kcal per service.1
  •  <0,5g of sugar per service.
  •  Excellent solubility.

All flavours are available in 200g and 500g.

How to use them

These products are specially designed to be used with non-flavoured products, mainly RawSeries and some EssentialSeries neutral flavour protein products.

You can use these products with:

HSN Quality

As with all our products, we ensure the ingredients we use are of the highest quality, follow a rigorous traceability system, and pass an exhaustive quality control.

Our factory has various certifications granted by external bodies that accredit our good practices, such as:

IFS: Ensuring food safety for the final consumer.

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices.

GWP: Precision when weighing the ingredients.

HACCP: The analysis of critical hazards and control points.

ISO8: Clean rooms regulations.

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All you have to do is add the products you need to your basket and complete the simple checkout process.

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1 Except for the chocolate flavour of Flavour powder for vegan protein.